Apps Stores for Banks

The Linqto Apps Delivery Platform creates a game changing new marketplace where banks and credit unions can brand new software and use it with their customers. It also enables them to attract new markets, with branded financial lifestyle apps. The Fintech stores are powered by Linqto’s patent pending software delivery platform. From design to integration to app store submission, the process is easy and automated.

Talk About Fintech

Banks and credit unions hold regular sessions with fintech developers and app users. Using Linqto’s Fintalk app, you can join interesting discussions with vendors about apps that work for you. Guest experts and panelists speak to topics most requested by users.


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Get Personal

Attracting a new generation of customers, the Linqto platform offers fun and exciting apps built by millennials for millennials. Follow the threads by liking the Linqto Facebook page and tweeting about Fintech.

Disrupt. Innovate. Re-Invent.

American Banker and BAI named Linqto one of the "Top 10 Tech Companies to Watch" in their annual FinTech Forward issue.

source: American Banker, November 2014

Get Connected

Webinars are out. Conversations are in. Talk with your customers, not at them. Host community charity events, sponsor a Facebook Town Hall meeting, conduct virtual focus groups about your latest products and services. Your bank's cutomers are your bank's community. Connect with them face-to-face with Linqto Community Banker.