Bill Sarris, CEO and Co-Founder - is a recognized expert in the field of streaming and collaborative technology and the inventor of Linqto technology. A software architect and developer, Bill has delivered major enterprise applications for Microsoft, Intuit, Google, Stanford and other clients. He was an early adopter of the Facebook platform and has developed over 400 applications for clients on Facebook. Bill's work has received the Forrester Groundswell Award and he holds numerous software certifications, is a frequent presenter at technical conferences and has been a board member of Bay.NET since 2002.

Vicki Lawrence, COO and Co-Founder - is responsible for the design and implementation of Linqto technology into a live Facebook application model for small business and nonprofit users. She has a 15 year history of designing software platforms for small business and has received grants from the New York State Science and Tech Foundation, MapInfo (now Pitney Bowes Business Insight) and Stanford University.Vicki co-founded Home Search Information Network, the first online real estate communications and marketing solution provider to brokers; implemented in 250 US markets. Recently Vicki worked with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce's National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Report

Carla Hudson, CFO - is a graduate of San Jose State University and started her career with Touche Ross, now Deloitte and Company. Carla is a partner in the firm of Bianchi, Kasavan and Pope and is on the board of Monterey County Bank. With over 25 years of experience, she is also a past president and director of the National Association of Accountants.

Jared Reed, CTO - has been developing software professionally for the past 12 years. He has filled the role of Architect, Lead Engineer, and Software Engineer on projects for companies like Intuit, Local Matters, and Linqto. He has a passion for tackling tough software problems. Jared recently founded Stiq Joy Games, and previously co-founded a software consulting firm. He has played an integral role in ensuring the Linqto room technology is scalable and reliable.

Erik Thomas, CSA - has been designing and developing software for more than 25 years at companies like Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, Bertelsmann, and EMC. As Chief Software Architect, he helped create the current release version of Linqto and is currently developing the new Linqto Mobile Platform for iPad, iPhone and Android.


Linqto is a many to many live online platform. It is easy to use, no download is required, and is available as a Facebook application. A standard URL is also provided as an additional entry point to the live site.

Subscribers receive their own individually branded Facebook application with landing page for navigation and viral news feed marketing features.

Linqto provides quality viewing and participation for 2 to 300 users. Uses include product demonstrations marketing and sales, online workshops, webinars, and learning forums, virtual conferencing and meetings, political town hall discussion, not-for-profit fund raising and global events, product focus groups and market research, social platforms for personal and business development and just for fun. Linqto can be implemented as a live online media tool, integrated with Facebook, allowing a broadcast show with viewer audience interaction.


Webinars, focus groups, social conversations, online sales... people are using Linqto for many purposes. Click to watch some examples.

Linqto Application on Facebook