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The Announcement's proposal to combine with Aurora Acquisition Corp. via a SPAC (special purpose acquisition) was approved by shareholders on August 11th 2023. completed this combination and started trading on August 24, 2023 under the tickers NASDAQ: BETR and BETRW.

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For every share in your Linqto portfolio, you will receive an estimated 3.06 shares of BETR common stocks. Those shares are currently trading at $0.50-$0.65 USD/share on the public markets. By picking the Cash Account option, you are agreeing for Linqto to place a market sell order of your shares and move the entirety of the proceeds in your Linqto Cash Account. By picking the brokerage option, our team will reach out to you and start the process of transferring the entirety of your BETR shares to your preferred brokerage account.

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