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Darin Soat

Darin Soat is Linqto's Head of Community and Education. Prior to joining Linqto, he spent half a decade in investment banking doing mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare and technology industries, most recently in San Francisco for Cain Brothers. While in investment banking, Darin held his FINRA Series 63 & 79 licenses. Darin is also the founder and currently leads the production team of the How Money Works YouTube channel, which has gained over one million subscribers. He also runs Compounded Daily, one of the fastest growing newsletters in the business and finance space.

Articles by Darin Soat

Jun 6, 2024

How to Value Private Companies

Figuring out how much a pre-IPO company is worth can make a big difference for your investments. It could mean big profits or major losses. It’s tricky because these private companies don’t often share their financial details. But don’t worry—there are smart ways to figure out their value without needing detailed financial statements. In this