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What is the current hold period from when I purchase shares?

90 days is our current hold period. From the date of purchase, members must hold the asset for 90 days before selling and cannot use those shares to purchase another security on the platform. 

Can I sell before a company exits?

Currently, Linqto allows investors to gain exposure to the stock of private companies. However, this is only the first part of Linqto’s vision. The second part is to create a venue where these investments can be freely traded. If you’re imagining something like a stock exchange for private companies, you’re thinking exactly like us.

Traditionally, private equity investments involve complex rules and the requirement to wait for an IPO or undergo a cumbersome broker process for returns. Linqto cuts through these barriers. We've made private investing simple with our intuitive platform, including a newly launched sell feature for select companies, gradually expanding to more over time.

How do I initiate a sell order?

Go to My Portfolio, select the company you wish to sell shares of, and press 'Sell'. Once you enter the number of shares to sell, you’ll see the estimated proceeds of that order. After you review and submit your order, your proceeds will immediately be available in your cash account.

Are there fees for selling my shares?

Yes, there is a transaction fee that helps cover the operating costs of the platform and the local and federal regulatory filing fees uniquely associated with private equity sales, such as Blue Sky Laws.

Can I choose the price I want to sell my shares for?

The price per share you can sell your holdings at is determined based on supply and demand of that company. Limit orders are not currently supported on the platform.

Can I choose which shares to sell if I had acquired my shares across multiple purchases?

Currently, shares are sold first in, first out (FIFO), meaning the shares you purchased first will be sold first. We are planning to support more advanced trading capabilities in the future such as choosing specific lots to sell from.

Is there a minimum number of shares I can sell?

The minimum sell offer amount is $5,000 or all of your shares, whichever is lower.

What if the ‘Sell’ button isn’t visible?

If you’re viewing a company within My Portfolio and don’t see the Sell button, it means that the selling is not currently available for that company. We just launched our sell feature to select companies on our platform, with more being added over time. We reserve the right to disable the sell feature for any reason without notice, including: platform maintenance, the liquidity pool purchasing the shares needs additional funds added, or if trading has been halted due to a pending exit event.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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