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What is the current hold period from when I purchase shares?

90 days is our current hold period. From the date of purchase, members must hold the asset for 90 days before selling and cannot use those shares to purchase another security on the platform. 

Can I sell before a company exits?

We provide you liquidity on your assets based on our internal risk asssements. If you’re viewing a company within My Portfolio and don’t see the Sell button, it means selling is not currently available for that asset. With that, selling is not always available for every asset and can be turned off for reasons including lack of demand from the buy-side, or a pending company event.

When selling, there is a spread between the bid/ask price, similar to the public markets. This means that the price we are offering to sell an asset for on the buy-side may be different than the price we're buying the units back for on the sell-side.

There is a flat transaction fee that when selling to cover the associated costs. This fee may be reduced or removed when directly trading between assets.

How do I initiate a sell order?

From your My Portfolio page, select the company you wish to sell your interest of, and press 'Sell'. Once you enter the number of units to sell, bearing in mind the minimum amount, the platform will display the estimated proceeds.

Depending on your cost basis, this sell may create a realized gain or loss which may have tax implications, so we recommend speaking with a tax professional to learn more.

After you review and submit your order, your proceeds will immediately be available in your cash account. Please note, if you’re viewing a company within My Portfolio and don’t see the Sell button, it means that the selling is not currently available for that company.

Currently, our minimum sell order is $5k - if there are not enough shares to reach the minimum amount, you'll only have the option to sell all of your position. In the instance where you have invested in the underlying company across multiple purchases, Linqto follows a "First In, First Out" method, so the oldest units in your portfolio will be sold first.

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