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How can I fund my investment?

To fund your investment, accredited investors can either pay with cash or trade with holdings. 

Please note: when funding your cash account, if you have an entity set up on your account, please be sure that you are selecting the respective cash account. 

To pay with cash, there are three ways to pre-fund your Linqto cash account: 

1. ACH

2. Wire

3. Uphold

For US investors, a bank account can be linked through Plaid from the “Wallet” tab of your profile and ACH payments can be sent this way. Please note that the holder of the linked bank account must match the owner of the selected cash account. Unfortunately, Plaid typically does not have support for international banks.

Wire transfers can also be used to fund your account. The wiring instructions can also be found on the “Wallet” page.

Once there, click “Add Funds”, then choose “Wire Transfer” as your funding method. This will display all the wiring instructions necessary for the transaction.

Lastly, an Uphold wallet can also be linked from the “Wallet” page by selecting the option “Link Account”. Follow the instructions on the Uphold app to sign in and authorize the connection. Uphold is a separate company from Linqto, but one that we partner closely with. Uphold’s digital wallet can hold US dollars, foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets. All of these assets can be used to fund your individual cash account since their ‘anything to anything’ platform facilitates the conversion to USD during the transfer.

To pay with holdings:

Investors can leverage their holdings to purchase a new asset on the platform if available. When you start your order, if you have any holdings that can be used, you will see an option under the “Pay With” section of the order. This is an all-or-nothing trade, and you will have the ability to use cash to cover any residual amount if needed. Your holdings will be sold at the sell rate but will not incur the 10% transaction fee.