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New Survey Reveals a Gender Disparity in Investment Preferences for Emerging Technologies

San Francisco, April 22, 2024 – Business Wire

Linqto, the world’s first financial private investment platform empowering investors with access to private markets for accredited investors, today unveiled its latest survey that sheds light on gender discrepancies in investment preferences. With emerging technologies reshaping the investment landscape, this survey breaks down investment activity and interest across ages and genders, offering insight into investor behavior and attitudes about various asset classes based on the volatility in the IPO market, economic policies, and sector-specific trends.

Key Findings

The survey uncovered differences in how male and female investors view current markets. Key findings include:

  • Male Respondents and Blockchain: Male respondents (52.24%) were twice as likely as female respondents (26.01%) to have invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency assets.
  • Alternative Investments: Nearly half of male respondents (43.64%) have invested in alternative investments this year, with more than 30% allocating at least a quarter of their investment portfolio to alternative assets. In contrast, almost a quarter of female respondents (23.27%) have invested in alternative investments, with 16.41% allocating at least 25% of their portfolio to these types of investments.
  • Confidence in Non-Traditional Markets: Nearly half of male respondents (48.57%) are much more confident in non-traditional investment markets compared to only 26% of female respondents.
  • Interest in New Investments: Nearly a third of respondents (32.4%) have invested in alternative investments this year, with more than a fourth (28.6%) interested in exploring new types of investments due to successful IPOs and reduced market volatility. Linqto’s analysis indicates substantial interest in emerging technology and artificial intelligence, which 56.44% of respondents identified as a sector of interest, as well as digital assets (39%).

Leadership Insights

“With ongoing market volatility, stabilized interest rates, and successful IPOs like Reddit’s recent listing, investors recognize the need for alternative investment options to create a comprehensive portfolio,” said Joe Endoso, CEO of Linqto. “The results of this survey indicate a strong demand for digital investments and alternative assets, specifically in the emerging technology, AI, and crypto sectors. These findings align with Linqto’s mission to provide investment access to highly sought-after companies that are traditionally difficult to access but offer a diversified portfolio.”

Additional Survey Findings

  • Technology Sector Activity: More than half of the respondents (53.16%) believe the technology sector is seeing the most activity in the secondary markets.
  • Portfolio Composition: A majority of respondents are invested in traditional investments (58.1%), employer-related investments (35.68%), and crypto and blockchain-based assets (27.12%).
  • Primary Investment Forms: Nearly half of the respondents (49.64%) said their primary form of investment is stocks.
  • Investment in Stocks and Bonds: Almost half of respondents (48.44%) have invested in stocks and bonds in the past year.
  • Crypto and Blockchain Investments: Almost one-third of respondents (32.3%) have invested in crypto and blockchain assets.

Surveying over 2,500 investors of various ages, races, and genders, these findings better inform investor sentiment in today’s climate, identify the most popular sectors in traditional and alternative markets, and maintain a pulse on market trends to watch throughout the rest of 2024.

About Linqto

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