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Linqto Completes Acquisition of Trustline, Moving Closer to Blockchain-Based Investment Exchange

San Jose, Calif., August 11, 2022 – PRNewswire

Linqto, the Main Street investment platform for private technology market securities, announced today the completion of its acquisition of Trustline, a technology platform that delivers decentralized financial services in payments, trading, and lending. Built on XRP Ledger, Trustline leverages cutting-edge technology to provide more efficient and cost-effective financial services.

Acquisition Details

According to Linqto Founder and CEO Bill Sarris, “We acquired Trustline for its advanced blockchain technology and IP, including $200,000 worth of XRP grants issued from the XRPL Grants Program. Trustline will help us build on our vision to provide access, affordability, and liquidity to accredited investors. However, the most valuable asset we acquired is the new association with Matt Rosendin, a progressive thinker and leader in the global blockchain community.”

Future Plans

With the acquisition of Trustline, Linqto aims to accelerate the development of the first and only decentralized exchange for private market securities in the world. Using Trustline’s proprietary technology, Linqto’s exchange will be auditable, publicly transparent, and entirely on blockchain.

“Trustline is thrilled to join the innovative and groundbreaking work that Linqto is doing in making private investing simple for individual investors who have been shut out of traditional private equity asset classes,” said Matt Rosendin, CEO of Trustline and now VP of Ledger at Linqto. “Our two companies are perfectly aligned to democratize private markets investing for qualified investors.”

About Linqto

Linqto is a leader in liquidity in the private sector, providing accredited investors access to affordable investment opportunities in the world’s top unicorns. Private investing made simple. Learn more at Linqto.

About Trustline

Trustline is a full-stack financial services platform built on the XRP Ledger, designed to deliver efficient and cost-effective payments, trading, and lending services to accredited investors.