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Linqto’s Global Investor Conference 2020: Reflection, Learning, and Inspiration for 2021

Silicon Valley, Calif., November 30, 2020 – PRNewswire

Linqto, a leading pre-ipo investment platform for private market securities, today announced the speaker lineup for the upcoming quarterly Global Investor Conference (GIC). Scheduled for December 8th and 9th, the conference’s theme is “2020: Reflections, Learnings, & Inspiration for 2021.”

Event Highlights

December’s Global Investor Conference will feature over 50 speakers who are some of the brightest minds in the industry. They will discuss trends in early-stage pre-IPO companies, economic factors affecting digital assets, and blockchain technologies.

Featured Speakers on December 8

  • J.P. Thieriot, CEO of Uphold, will discuss developments in global exchange platforms and predict how the seamless movement of digital assets will influence global financial markets in 2021 and beyond.
  • Brent Traidman, SVP of Sales at BRD, will talk about new features supporting increased interest in peer-to-peer digital transactions.
  • Alexandra Choli, partner at Metavallon, will provide insights into the startup investment outlook from a European perspective.
  • Jesse Draper, investor, TV personality, and founder of Halogen Ventures, will discuss recent investments and Halogen’s fellowship program focused on diversity and gender dynamics.
  • Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Hackers/Founders, will elaborate on Hack Fund V, targeting Series A investments in frontier technology areas.
  • Michelle O’Conner, VP of Marketing at Synapse, will emphasize the importance of transparency and financial inclusion in fintech, especially for empowering women.
  • Greg Kidd, founder of GlobalID, will speak about portable identity, payment systems, and marketplace initiatives for digital transformation.
  • Crystal Rose Pierce, CEO and Founder of MakeSense Labs, will discuss their secure decentralized messaging application.
  • Alon Goren, founding partner at Draper Goren Holm, will talk about incubating and accelerating early-stage startups globally.
  • Larry Hatheway, co-founder of Jackson Hole Economics, will update on their analyses of politics, the environment, and finance.

For more information and to RSVP, visit Global Investor Conference.

About Linqto

Linqto makes it simple to access global private securities markets. Through its technology-enabled investment platform, accredited investors can identify, evaluate, invest in, and trade securities in the world’s leading private companies. Linqto also provides liquidity for founders, venture capital investors, and employees without waiting for an IPO, acquisition, or other liquidity event. Linqto makes investing in private markets as straightforward as investing in public markets.

For more information, visit Linqto.