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Linqto Granted FINRA BD and ATS (Alternative Trading System) Licenses

San Jose, Calif., November 22, 2022 – PRNewswire

Linqto, a leading global private markets investment platform, today announced that FINRA has granted Linqto Capital LLC, a subsidiary of Linqto, Inc., a broker-dealer license with the right to operate an Alternative Trading System (ATS) for secondary trading of equity securities.

Introduction of Linqto ATS

Launching in Q1 2023, the Linqto ATS is a T+Zero same-day settlement trading platform for investments in mid-to-late-stage tech unicorns and other leading private companies. This new system introduces true liquidity to further democratize private market investing for accredited investors globally.

Benefits for Linqto Members

Linqto members who have invested in the equity of these companies via Linqto’s innovative SPV structures will now have on-demand liquidity through the Linqto platform without waiting for an exit event (IPO or acquisition) by the underlying companies.

“This is a game changer,” said Bill Sarris, Linqto CEO and Co-Founder. “Linqto has democratized the private equity asset class by making investments in high-quality private companies accessible, affordable, and now liquid. Prior to Linqto, private markets were traditionally only available to the largest institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors. Now individual accredited investors can make investments in high-quality companies for as little as $5,000 to $10,000, with the increased confidence that they will soon be able to sell their investments to other Linqto members should they choose to.”

Market Impact

Linqto’s ATS will have critical mass at its launch and benefit from the strength of its adjacent primary investment platform, which features over $170 million in notional value of investments made over the past three years by Linqto members. These investments span more than 45 companies, such as Ripple, Acorns, Carbon, Dapper Labs, WHOOP, and Zipline, as well as successful exits in now-public companies like Coinbase, Robinhood, SoFi, Marqueta, Innovium, and NerdWallet.

“Linqto continues to make investing in private markets as familiar and simple as investing in publicly traded stocks or bonds,” said Leo LaForce, Linqto Chief Revenue Officer. “Upon the release of ATS, our members will be able to cost-effectively build and manage their own diversified portfolio of private equity investments in the same way, and with the same liquidity, as the world’s largest institutional investors.”

About Linqto

Linqto is private investing made simple. Accredited investors worldwide have trusted Linqto to make over US $170 million of investment transactions in 45+ innovative mid-to-late stage private companies across diverse sectors, including fintech, artificial intelligence, healthtech, sustainable materials, and digital assets. With a rapidly growing community of more than 65,000 users in 110 countries, Linqto is a leader in democratizing access to private market investments. To learn more, please visit Linqto.