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Linqto Soars to 500K Users in Over 110 Countries

San Jose, Calif., December 12, 2023 – PRNewswire

Linqto, the world’s first financial technology investment platform democratizing access to private markets for accredited investors, today announced the surpassing of several platform milestones, showcasing the company’s long-term, sustainable growth. Founded in 2020, Linqto now has over 500,000 users across 110 countries and has invested over $300 million in upwards of 50 companies.

Milestone Achievements

Linqto strives to provide a superior user experience that continuously innovates and enhances offerings to meet the needs of customers in this rapidly evolving investment environment. In response to customer feedback, earlier this year, Linqto added a new functionality that provides true liquidity to private markets by allowing users to buy and sell investments in companies on the platform prior to a liquidity event. The company also rebranded to align more closely with its mission, and now non-accredited investors have the ability to invest in select companies on the platform at a more accessible entry point of $2,500.

Leadership Statements

“We are proud to continue to democratize access to the private markets, as these types of investments are historically very lucrative but difficult to access for the public,” said Joe Endoso, President at Linqto. “As more companies are experiencing liquidity events, like IPOs or M&As, following a dry market period over the last two years, we are excited to continue providing opportunity to have early access to in-demand companies.”

Platform Success

Since its inception, Linqto has provided investors on the platform access to some of the world’s leading unicorns and private companies, including Ripple, Circle, Brex, Epic Games, Acorns, and more. Accredited investors gain early access to these companies for a minimum investment of $5,000. Users on the Linqto platform have seen several liquidity events through public offerings or acquisitions for companies such as Coinbase, Robinhood, NerdWallet, SoFi, Marqeta, and Innovium.

To learn more about Linqto and its services, visit Linqto.

About Linqto

Linqto is a leading global financial technology investment platform allowing accredited investors to identify, evaluate, invest in, and make liquid investments in the world’s leading unicorns and private companies. Accredited investors worldwide have trusted Linqto to make over US $300 million of investment transactions in about 50 innovative mid-to-late-stage private companies across diverse sectors, including fintech, artificial intelligence, health tech, sustainable materials, and digital assets. With a rapidly growing community of more than 500,000 users in 110 countries, Linqto is a leader in democratizing access to private market investments. To learn more, please visit Linqto.

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