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Linqto Surpasses Fifty Thousand Investor Members

San Francisco, May 22, 2022 – PRNewswire

Linqto, the Main Street investment platform for private technology market securities, has announced a significant milestone in the company’s growth. With a 100% increase in the past four months, Linqto has doubled its private investment community to 50,000 members.

Significant Growth and Market Trends

Linqto’s growth has been driven by the increasing interest of investors in private markets as they diversify their traditional portfolio allocations. In the face of cryptocurrency drops, bear markets, recession, and inflation, private market investments have gained popularity for their stability and potential for higher returns. According to Hamilton Lane’s recent Private Markets report, private equity continues to outperform public equity, generating an extra 83 cents per dollar invested since 2017. This trend is likely to attract more institutional and high-net-worth individual investors in 2022.

“I’m excited to celebrate our inaugural Member’s Week to mark the inclusion of 50,000 members in Linqto’s mission to democratize access to the private market,” said Susan Miller, Chief Growth Officer at Linqto. “Although private markets have historically shown superior returns, the average investor has been shut out of these opportunities, which were limited to large institutional buyers and the ultra-wealthy with average investments of $7.5M. Linqto’s incredible membership growth is a clear signal that average Main Street investors are interested in private markets, especially in digital asset technology companies.”

Linqto’s Investment Portfolio

Linqto’s private investment portfolio includes many technology unicorns in which accredited investors can purchase equity stakes, such as Ripple Labs, Uphold, BitPay, Dapper Labs, WHOOP, and Kraken. Members have seen strong returns on investment to date, with several successful exits, including Coinbase, Robinhood, SoFi, Marqeta, and NerdWallet.

Register at Linqto to participate in Linqto’s Member Week, which will feature daily spot deals, investment promotions, and community connectivity.

About Linqto

Linqto is a leader in liquidity in the private sector, providing accredited investors access to affordable investment opportunities in the world’s top unicorns. Private investing made simple. Learn more at Linqto.