Founded: 2015

Headquarters: New York, New York

Alloy is the command center for identity that helps banks and fintech companies with all their compliance and fraud-fighting needs. Alloy enables clients to pull in customer information, traditional credit bureau data, and other alternative data through a single point of integration, providing a complete picture of their customer. Alloy customers can make better identity decisions using a single API and dashboard to manage Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), fraud, and more. The platform reduces friction between financial companies and their customers by seeing beyond their address and social security number. Alloy was founded primarily to fix a “broken” onboarding process that has historically involved manual review when people applied for bank accounts online. Questions it aims to answer for banks and fintechs include: “Is this a real person? Will they defraud us?”

Key Facts


Alloy’s initial mission was to help banks and fintechs make better identity and risk decisions using its single API service and SaaS platform.


From automatic decisions and fewer manual reviews to smooth onboarding, Alloy is how smart banks and fintech companies like Ally Bank, Aspiration and Brex take a closer look at the whole picture.


Alloy’s identity decisioning platform connects to more than 160 data sources to help banks and fintech companies verify identities, monitor transactions, and make credit decisions - giving a holistic view of each customer from the day they onboard and throughout their time with an organization. 560,000 average decisions are processed daily. Clients report using Alloy has reduced manual reviews by 95% while cutting incidents of fraud in half.


Alloy gives banks and fintechs a way to create instant decisioning systems that are customized to their needs from a regulatory compliance and risk perspective. An average of 33,236 applicants are auto-decisioned daily with Alloy.


Over the last year, Alloy has evolved the platform to not only automate onboarding identity decisions but to also automate transaction monitoring and credit underwriting. Alloy’s new transaction monitoring product is expected to make a material revenue contribution in the future.


After onboarding, Alloy Transaction Monitoring takes over to continuously review a user’s financial activity, flagging risky behaviors for review. This solution is highly customizable for setting rules and can transform complex data into clean, automated processes – allowing customers to make approval or denial decisions from a simple user interface. Alloy processes an average of 878,000 transactions daily.


Alloy Credit Underwriting enables financial institutions to make faster, smarter credit decisions. Alloy clients can use detailed identity data gathered during onboarding in combination with credit bureau data and alternative underwriting data to offer credit products to more people with less risk.


Alloy has several competitive advantages:


All data in one place -Integrating internal and external data sources through one platform means higher automatic approval rates and a decrease in fraudulent accounts, false positives, manual reviews, and unnecessary document requests.


Unique identity profiles -Alloy offers an evolving view of each customer, not just a point-in-time snapshot, with profiles that adapt and update as their information changes and more data is collected.


Future proofing - Alloy provides a single dashboard that aggregates responses across data sources - making it easy to understand trends in data and allowing customization for even better results.


Customize without coding -Alloy’s simple API and user interface lets customers design the exact workflow they need without coding. Customers can add new data sources and make changes to the workflow whenever needed - without bothering the engineering team.


Alloy plans to incorporate richer data and risk signals with the mission of giving banks and fintechs a 360-degree view of their customers. Alloy also wants to improve the developer experience and make building a fintech product as easy as building an e-commerce product.


Over the past 12 months as of Sept. ‘21, Alloy has seen its annual recurring revenue (ARR) triple and number of customers double according to TechCrunch. As of September 2022, Alloy has seen its revenue more than double over the last 12 months.


Though currently operating only in the US and Canada, Alloy has plans to continue to expand internationally over the next two years.


Alloy announced a partnership with Prove, a leader in phone-centric digital identity solutions, in March 2022 to enable financial institutions to verify and authenticate their customers. By integrating with Prove, Alloy’s clients will be able to enhance their new customer onboarding and existing customer engagement without sacrificing security or customer experience.


Alloy announced a partnership with nCino, a provider of cloud-based banking solutions, in March 2022 to provide a smooth onboarding experience for their clients. “The demand for cloud technology continues to be a top priority in financial services. This strategic partnership between nCino and Alloy allows financial institutions to tap into a data marketplace, make more informed identity decisions, increase automation, and reduce fraud,” said Petra Sheaffer, Head of Global Partnerships at nCino.


Alloy recently announced a partnership with Veriff, a global identity verification provider, in April 2022. Veriff will provide Alloy customers with additional identity verification capabilities and KYC solutions to leverage during client onboarding in more than 190 countries. Veriff's identity verification technology will be made accessible through Alloy's platform, allowing fintechs and banks to verify identities quickly and effectively during new customer onboarding while meeting their KYC requirements to ensure they remain compliant.


Alloy was ranked #24 on Deloitte’s “North America Technology Fast 500” list. The winners are selected based on the percentage fiscal growth over three years.


Alloy was named to the 2021 CB Insights Fintech 250 list. The list is compiled of the top 250 private fintech companies. Alloy was chosen from a pool of over 17,000 companies and was one of only 28 “Core Banking and Infrastructure” companies on the list.


Alloy was named to Inc. Magazine’s 2022 list of “Best Workplaces in America” for the second year in a row. Alloy was also recognized by Built in NYC in the “100 Best Places to Work”, “50 Best Paying Companies”, and “100 Best Midsize Companies to Work For” lists. The lists are compiled of companies of all sizes located in New York City.


In August 2022, Alloy announced its global expansion into 40 countries across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.


In February 2023, Alloy announced it has launched in the UK, establishing the fintech company’s first physical location outside of its home market. “The UK is one of the world’s most powerful fintech hubs, and we can’t wait to help innovative local firms unlock their potential abroad,” said Edwina Johnson, head of global for Alloy.


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$65.3B $1.3B