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Astera Labs

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Artificial Intelligence

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California



Last Round Valuation

$50 Billion

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About Astera Labs

Astera Labs’ PCIe, CXL and Ethernet semiconductor-based connectivity solutions are purpose-built to unleash the full potential of cloud and AI infrastructure. Inspired by trusted partnerships with hyperscalers and the data center ecosystem, they are an innovation leader in products that are customizable, interoperable, and reliable.

Key Facts

High-performance computing and data center environments face the challenge of needing greater memory scalability and performance, driven by data-intensive applications like AI, machine learning, and big data analytics. Traditional memory configurations, often limited in bandwidth and capacity, lead to memory access bottlenecks. Addressing this is crucial to meet the evolving demands of advanced computing and the increasing data volume.

Astera Labs offers a range of connectivity solutions designed to address performance bottlenecks in compute-intensive workloads, such as AI and machine learning. Their products include integrated circuits (ICs), modules, and boards that support high-speed links, including PCI Express (PCIe), Compute Express Link (CXL), and Ethernet. These solutions are purpose-built to enable complex cloud server applications, with a focus on low latency, high performance, and cloud-scale management capabilities.

Astera Labs' key products include Aries Smart Retimers, Taurus Smart Cable Module, and Leo Memory Connectivity Platform.

Astera Labs' Smart Retimers are semiconductor-based connectivity solutions designed to overcome signal integrity and connectivity issues for high-speed interconnects, including PCIe 4.0/5.0, CXL, and 100G/Lane Ethernet.

Aries enhances the deployment of increasingly large clusters of AI processors for Generative AI training by tripling its reach, allowing for the cost-effective interconnection of thousands of GPUs. As the demand and adoption of disaggregated architectures rise, Aries further supports the expansion of CXL memory pooling and fabrics at a cloud scale.

Astera Labs’ Smart Retimers not only meet but often exceed industry standards, offering plug-and-play interoperation, deep diagnostics, fleet management, and readiness for cloud-scale deployment.

The Aries Smart Retimer offers several advantages over alternatives, such as robust high-speed AI platform connectivity, suitability for high-performance servers, storage, and cloud systems, cost-efficient bandwidth and reach doubling for complex topologies with low latency, and user-friendliness.

Taurus Smart Cable Module (SCM) is a smart and active solution that enables extended reach over thin copper cables which provides cost-effective scale-out connectivity for large, accelerated compute platforms.

Astera Labs’ Taurus SCMs remove performance bottlenecks in data center switch-to-switch and switch-to-server interconnects by overcoming reach, signal integrity, and bandwidth utilization issues for Ethernet connectivity.

Taurus offers advanced fleet management and deep diagnostics to help Hyperscalers, Cloud Service Providers, and Enterprise data center users optimize performance, reliability, and uptime.

Taurus SCMs provide system-wide visibility and management for cloud service providers, including enhanced security, quick debugging, and flexible firmware upgrades, surpassing basic Active Electrical Cables.

Astera Labs’ Leo Memory Connectivity Platform is the industry’s leading purpose-built system on chip (SoC) and hardware solution to eliminate memory bandwidth and capacity bottlenecks and reduce stranded memory in cloud servers.

Leo CXL Smart Memory Controllers enable robust memory expansion and disaggregated memory pooling and sharing for processors, workload accelerators, and smart I/O devices.

Leo eliminates the need to overprovision memory thereby reducing overall TCO and optimizing CPU efficiency and application performance for computational workloads.

Prior to Astera Labs’ CXL-attached memory solution, it was only possible to increase memory capacity with additional CPUs or servers with significant cost, power, and form factor drawbacks.

“The introduction of CXL provides a critical capability to create a unified, coherent memory space between CPUs and accelerators, and this innovation will revolutionize how data center server architectures will be built for years to come,” said Jim Pappas, Director of Technology Initiatives at Intel. “Astera Labs’ Leo CXL Memory Accelerator Platform is an important enabler for the Intel ecosystem to implement a shared memory space between hosts and attached devices.”

As a fabless chipmaker, Astera Labs designs its chips on the cloud, speeding up the process, then has them fabricated by semiconductor giant TSMC, and then sells them to data center operators, cloud service providers, and enterprises with significant data infrastructure needs.

Astera Labs filed its S-1 in March 2024. According the S-1 filing, Astera Labs revenue grew from $79.9 million in 2022 to $115.8 million in 2023, driven by a significant increase in demand for its products. Astera Labs incurred net losses of $58.3 million in 2022 and $26.3 million in 2023.

Astera Labs’ Co-Founder and COO, Sanjay Gajendra, estimates that half the company’s total addressable market of $8 billion is due to CXL. “It’s a new standard and new standards don’t happen that often,” he says. “Unless things get really crazy, we should continue to see significant growth in revenue.”

“If you look at where the market is today in terms of semiconductors, it’s about time,” says Mohan, CEO of Astera Labs. “I am trying to figure out how do we get to a billion dollars in revenue. That is the opportunity in front of us.”

In April 2023, Astera Labs’ Leo Memory Connectivity Platform was named the Semiconductor Product of the Year in the Hardware Category by the independent Breakthrough Award committee.

In August 2023, Astera Labs and partners, MemVerge and Supermicro, were awarded Best of Show at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) for the Most Innovative Enterprise Business Application.

In November 2023, Astera Labs announced that it is a finalist for the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company award. Astera Labs is being recognized for its Intelligent Connectivity Platform, consisting of its PCIe, CXL, and Ethernet product lines purpose-built to transport massive datasets throughout advanced AI server platforms deployed by hyperscalers around the world for data-driven applications like ChatGPT.

In March 2024, Astera Labs announced the launch of its initial public offering of 17,800,000 shares of its common stock. The initial public offering price is expected to be between $27.00 and $30.00 per share. At the midpoint of the proposed range, Astera Labs would command a fully diluted market value of $5.0 billion.

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Artificial Intelligence



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Key Officers

Name Work History Title Status
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


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Last Round

Sept. 2019, Series B1

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Funding Rounds

Date Round Amount Valuation Investors
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here

Competitive Landscape

Company Valued Revenue
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B

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