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Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Branch provides the industry’s leading mobile linking and measurement platforms, offering solutions that unify user experience and attribution across devices and channels. Branch has been selected by over 100,000 apps since 2014 — including Adobe, BuzzFeed, Yelp, and many more — improving experiences for more than 3 billion monthly users across the globe.

Key Facts


In the mobile app ecosystem, one significant challenge involves creating a seamless user experience across different platforms and marketing channels. Users often face broken or fragmented journeys when trying to access specific content within apps, leading to frustration and decreased engagement. Additionally, app discoverability and effective marketing are hindered by the inability to accurately track and attribute user actions across various touchpoints, complicating efforts to optimize campaigns and measure their success. These challenges collectively impact user retention, conversion rates, and the overall effectiveness of mobile marketing strategies.


The mobile ecosystem is challenging to be a part of because it is highly complex and it is always changing. Apple, Google, and other major platforms are releasing changes at lightning speed, making it tough for companies to keep up and ensure customers are receiving the expected experience.


Branch tackles the challenges of fragmented user experiences and complex marketing attribution in the mobile ecosystem with its deep linking technology and comprehensive analytics. By enabling seamless navigation from web links, emails, and ads directly to specific in-app content, Branch enhances user experience and app discoverability.


Branch’s sophisticated attribution platform tracks user interactions across channels and devices, providing marketers with detailed insights to optimize campaigns, improve engagement, and increase conversions. This integrated approach addresses the core issues of navigating app content and measuring marketing effectiveness, streamlining the path from discovery to engagement.


Branch offers two products: a Mobile Linking Platform and a Mobile Measurement Platform.


Branch's Mobile Linking Platform (MLP) is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance mobile user experiences and improve marketing outcomes through deep linking technology. It allows businesses to create, manage, and measure links that direct users to specific content within mobile apps, across various channels and platforms.


When a user clicks on a Branch link, Branch determines whether or not the user has the app installed and makes a decision on where to send the user.


If the user has the app, Branch will open the app and take the user to the desired location, based on the destination information in the Branch link.


If the user does not have the app, Branch will determine whether to take the user to the app store or to another fallback website based on the fallback information provided during link creation or global Branch settings. If the user is brought to the app store and finishes the app install, they will be brought to the desired final destination once they open the app.


Branch's Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP) tracks the performance of mobile marketing campaigns and provides data-driven insights to help mobile app marketers optimize their advertising strategies. To do this, MMPs employ a variety of technologies to track and attribute mobile events such as clicks, app installations, engagement, and revenue.


Using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, Branch can accurately attribute installs and user actions to specific advertising campaigns and marketing channels, providing valuable insights into which campaigns are driving the most engagement and revenue.


Branch’s MMP ensures accurate and unbiased data that allows users to: (1) Understand the user’s path to conversion, even when long and complex, (2) Enjoy full support for the latest privacy-preserving attribution frameworks, (3) Depend on deep links for a users’ ads that are consistent and reliable, including deferred deep linking through the install, (4) Retarget for higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) based on comprehensive, omnichannel data, (5) Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated fraud with flexible blocking rules.


Branch offers two payment options; self-serve and enterprise. The Self-serve Platform is completely free for users with up to 10k monthly active users (MAU), $5/month for each 1k MAU over 10k. The Enterprise platform offers customized pricing and is ideal for both advanced mobile adopters with complex technology stacks and traditional enterprises looking to accelerate mobile presence.


According to The Information in February 2022, Branch had generated nearly $100 million in revenue in 2021 and projected its revenue could double in 2022.


In September 2023, Branch was awarded four of Comparably’s Best Places to Work awards, including Work-Life Balance, Perks & Benefits, Compensation, and Happiest Employees.


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Money - 100

Momentum - 100

Management - 100

Market - 100

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Employees: 500

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

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Valuation & Fundraising

Last Round: Jan. 2021, Seed

Valuation Post-Money: $10M


Amount Raised: $1M

Total Funds Raised: $10M


Linqto Implied Valuation: $10M

Funding Rounds

Date Round Amount Valuation
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M

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Company Valuation Revenue

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San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B