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Quantum Space

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Aerospace & Defense

Founded: 2021

Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland



Last Round Valuation

$50 Billion

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About Quantum Space

Quantum Space is redefining a new space ecosystem, providing payload transportation and critical infrastructure services in geostationary orbit (GEO) and cislunar space. The company’s QuantumNet deep space network infrastructure is purpose-built to enable the delivery of payloads and essential in-space data and communications services for customers. Services provided by the company’s fleet will help organizations access and understand what’s happening in space to accelerate economic growth and strengthen national security.

Key Facts

Commercial and government customers need reliable, efficient operations and data services beyond the boundaries of low Earth orbit (LEO). This necessity stems from the expanding scope of space-based activities, which now encompass not just Earth observation and telecommunications, but also ambitious scientific missions, deep space exploration, the potential exploitation of extraterrestrial resources, and national defense.

Quantum Space’s growing network of vehicles and data-gathering capabilities do just that — help organizations travel through, and operate in, deep space more safely, reliably, affordably, and routinely than ever before.

The Co-Founders of Quantum Space are space industry veterans who each have 30+ years of experience in aerospace developing, launching, and operating complex space systems. They envisioned a space infrastructure and services company that would lower the barriers to entry to this ever-growing market and drive innovation that will unleash new discoveries and economic activity that will benefit humankind.

Quantum Space is transforming space commerce beyond Earth orbit by building an ecosystem of connected spacecraft and data platforms to serve evolving customer needs in geostationary orbit (GEO) and beyond – providing critical space infrastructure for deep space travel and operations.

Quantum Space is building the space superhighway, a network in cislunar space to provide customers with space situational awareness, edge computing, communications, position, navigation, and timing.

The company’s modular fleet of vehicles not only transports and hosts payloads, but also collects, processes, and disseminates data to enable rapid and sustained innovation, support economic activity, advance scientific discovery, and protect national security.

Beginning with its first Sentry mission (Scout-1), the company will offer data products derived from Quantum Space’s spacecraft in cislunar space.

The company’s network will consist of two types of spacecraft: (1) Scouts, which are smaller and primarily focused on data collection, (2) Rangers, which are larger, modular spacecraft that can be tailor-made to customer specifications.

The company is creating a modern, high-speed connectivity network, dubbed QuantumNet, which will deliver always-on, fast connectivity everywhere in deep space, from GEO and cislunar space and well beyond the isolated far side of the Moon. QuantumNet can support missions deep in space without having to send data back to Earth for processing.

QuantumNet will consist of a fleet of Scouts positioned in cislunar space. Each Scout will deliver multiple services including: space domain awareness; space weather forecasting; positioning, navigation, and timing; communications; and significant onboard compute capabilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).

Scout vehicles provide the redundancy and reliability required by military and commercial programs. The multi-modal spacecraft can spin around and capture images and collect data, while also being part of a global communications network.

By 2032, more than 40 Scout vehicles will make up points, or “nodes,” at strategic locations within cislunar space to create QuantumNet.

Quantum Space’s large multi-operations vehicle (MOV), Ranger, is at the heart of the modular network architecture and will be launching at a later milestone. Ranger vehicles will provide critical operational capabilities in deep space, starting with hosting and deploying government and commercial payloads supporting new space economies and national security initiatives.

The Ranger MOV will extend customer’s spacecraft life, reduce program costs, and enable earlier operational status by directly deploying spacecraft in their final orbit of choice. With the Ranger’s final mile delivery service, spacecraft propellant can be reserved for operational use and longer mission life compared to traditional launch opportunities. With Ranger, customers have access to routine and affordable xGEO missions.

Quantum Space's Ranger will offer a suite of transportation and logistics capabilities for payloads in GEO and cislunar space.

The vehicle incorporates reliable high-thrust and high-performance propulsion, modern avionics, and the necessary support systems to provide fast and routine travel to hard-to-reach orbits.

The vehicle can carry over 1.5 metric tons of payload directly to geostationary orbit, or over 2.5 metric tons to anywhere in cislunar space.

Each Ranger has four 24-inch modular ports, which can support customer spacecraft from CubeSats to larger orbital transfer vehicles. These ports can be configured to host customer payloads, providing tailored suites of power and data interfaces.

The Ranger also deploys, hosts, and provides a wide range of logistics services. Ranger is designed for the delivery, deployment, relocation, and hosting of small-to-large satellites and payloads and is tailor-made for demanding cislunar environments. Opportunities for hosted payload and rideshare spacecraft are available on each Ranger mission, enabling frequent and regularly scheduled launches for the larger aerospace community.

The versatile spacecraft will have data and communications sensors onboard and offer on-orbit processing power via AI and machine learning to enable fast and efficient data generation and transfer.

Ranger will also deploy Quantum Space’s Scout vehicles, which are key to the development of the company’s QuantumNet fleet. Scout vehicles are smaller than Rangers and are nimble by design. They are the data-collection workhorses of the family and play an important part in the Quantum Space ecosystem.

Quantum Space offers: (1) Frequent and Predictable Missions, (2) Always-On Data Services, (3) Reliable In-Space Logistics.

Quantum Space delivers payloads and hosted assets direct-to-GEO and cislunar space.

Quantum Space collects, processes, and disseminates data from multiple orbits, allowing access to critical information for national security, space situational and domain awareness, communication, navigation, and debris mitigation information.

Quantum Space’s combined payload and data transport services form a rich network of space infrastructure necessary to effectively and efficiently operate in GEO, xGEO, or cislunar space.

In April 2023, Quantum Space announced the Ranger multi-operations vehicle (MOV), a highly capable and modular orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) that is designed to host and precisely deliver payloads directly in Geostationary orbit, Cislunar space, and beyond.

In July 2023, Beyond Gravity, a leading supplier to the space industry, announced it will provide its constellation On Board Computer (cOBC) to Quantum Space’s inaugural flight of its Ranger multi-purpose vehicle, which will take payloads to geostationary and cislunar orbits. The cOBC provides a host of functions including on-board processing, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, ground communication, and both platform and payload interfaces. In-space computing through the cOBC allows the Ranger to process data and imagery more efficiently and comprehensively.

In November 2023, Quantum Space unveiled its Sentry mission, the first in a series of milestone demonstrations to prove its end-to-end communications and data generation capabilities. Scout-1, the first in the company’s family of sensing vehicles, is scheduled to launch on the SpaceX Transporter 10 mission from Cape Canaveral, Florida no earlier than March 2024. Headed to a sun-synchronous destination in Lower Earth Orbit, the spacecraft will simulate a sensor asset or node in the company’s QuantumNet architecture. “Launching Scout-1 is an important milestone and first step toward delivering a flexible and modern data and communications relay network and will serve as a proof of concept for our QuantumNet architecture,” said Kerry Wisnosky, President and CEO of Quantum Space.

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John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


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