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Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

Customers turn to SambaNova to quickly deploy state-of-the-art AI capabilities to meet the demands of the AI-enabled world. SambaNova’s purpose-built enterprise-scale AI platform is the technology backbone for the next generation of AI computing. SambaNova Systems enable customers to unlock the valuable business insights trapped in their data. The Company’s flagship offering, Dataflow-as-a-Service, overcomes the limitations of legacy technology to power the large complex foundation models that enable customers to discover new services and revenue streams, and boost operational efficiency. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, SambaNova Systems was founded in 2017 by industry luminaries, and hardware and software design experts from Sun/Oracle and Stanford University.

Key Facts


SambaNova Systems delivers the industry’s only comprehensive enterprise software, hardware, and solutions platform to run Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and foundation models.


SambaNova offers two products: Dataflow-as-a-ServiceTM and DataScale®.


SambaNova is powering leading organizations to leverage cutting edge deep learning delivered through SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-Service to gain a competitive edge in weeks.


SambaNova’s Dataflow-as-a-Service delivers the industry’s most powerful integrated AI software-defined hardware platform, complete with out-of-the-box pre-trained deep learning models, enabling enterprises to accelerate and scale their AI capabilities 22x faster with an AI infrastructure purpose-built for the next generation of advanced AI and deep learning.


Each model comes pre-trained, reducing the need for heavy investment and time from an organization’s data science team, and accelerating time to deployment from months or years to just weeks. Each model can also be fine-tuned to a particular industry or an organization’s specific application.


Dataflow-as-a-Service easily runs the most sophisticated and demanding large language models and processes true-resolution images as well as highly detailed 3D sensor data.


Dataflow-as-a-Service overcomes the inherent limitations of GPU systems which struggle to handle even a small fraction of state-of-the-art deep learning language models and are unable to process an image the size of a picture taken with a smartphone, without significant and complex technical parallelization efforts.


Dataflow-as-a-Service provides organizations with a suite of solutions with flexible subscription options for natural language processing, high-resolution computer vision, and recommendation systems.


The suite offering includes: (1) A comprehensive selection of large language models leveraging text and speech data for various tasks, such as name entity recognition, sentiment analysis, document classification, semantic search, question answering, text generation, speech-to-text, and intent classification; (2) A comprehensive selection of vision models supporting a collection of tasks including image classification, object detection, and 2D and 3D segmentation to support true resolution images up to 50k x 50k; (3) Recommendation models supporting large embeddings with unmatched accuracy and performance.


SambaNova also offers various interfaces and functional blocks, flexible deployment options, and fully managed services.


SambaNova’s DataScale is a fully integrated hardware-software system, powered by a dataflow architecture, that enables organizations to train and deploy the most demanding deep learning, foundation model, and AI for Science workloads and achieve world record performance with the largest and most challenging models.


DataScale’s benefits include: (1) Unprecedented performance for the most demanding applications; (2) Ability to run the largest models and process the largest data; (3) Ease of use. Users interact with common frameworks with no need to use proprietary programming languages; (4) Automatically extracts, optimizes, and executes the optimal dataflow graph of models on SambaNova’s Reconfigurable Dataflow Units; (5) Seamless scalability across systems with consistent rack-rack bandwidth and latency; (6) Complete hardware and software system for training and inference.


SambaNova will use its latest series D financing to aggressively challenge legacy competitors as it continues to shatter the computational limits of AI hardware and software currently on the market — all while making AI solutions for private and public sectors more accessible.


SambaNova’s opportunity lies in selling software-based AI systems to enterprises that are keen to adopt more AI into their business but might lack the talent and other resources to do so if it requires running and maintaining large systems.


Recognized as the “Best Big Data Deep Learning/AI Solution” by the 2022 Tech Ascension Awards.


Accepted the HPCwire Readers Choice Award for Best Use of High-Performance Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence from HPC Wire.


Awarded the “2022 Best Tech Startups in Palo Alto” award by The Tech TribuneCEO Rodrigo Liang participated in the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) discussion, which plays an important role in advising policy decisions.


Recognized in Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech”.


Winner of GSA 2021 “Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company Award”.


Winner of VentureBeat’s AI Innovation Award for Edge AI.


Winner of CogX 2021 “Best AI Product in Next-Generation Infrastructure”.


Recognized on Gartner’s “Cool Vendor for AI Semiconductors” list .


In November 2021, SambaNova and OTP Group, the leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), announced a strategic partnership to build the fastest AI supercomputer in Europe. Together, they will deploy a multi-rack AI system, built on SambaNova Dataflow-as-a-Service GPT, for the most advanced language model in the world at a commercial bank. The system will be provided as a national AI resource to the public sector, private industry, and higher education in cooperation with the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM) of Hungary.


In February 2022, SambaNova announced GPT Banking, the first solution purpose-built for the financial services industry, enabling banks to create clear market separation in AI by jump-starting their deep learning language capabilities in weeks, not years. “GPT Banking has the potential to transform nearly every aspect of banking, from improving operations to managing risk and compliance. Customers tell me they’re most excited about GPT Banking’s ability to truly personalize the customer experience, with richer insights that enable them to understand customers’ evolving needs,” states CEO Rodrigo Liang.


In September 2022, SambaNova announced its next generation DataScale system. “The new DataScale SN30 system achieves world record-breaking performance when compared to the latest DGX A100 systems. With this release, SambaNova is also offering subscription pricing for DataScale and Dataflow-as-a-Service™, enabling organizations to achieve ROI faster, reduce risk, and scale more cost-effectively than with any other AI infrastructure,” said Marshall Choy, SVP of Product at SambaNova Systems.


In October 2022, SambaNova announced its opening of the SambaNova Tokyo Technology Center, a dataflow computing verification facility in the Tokyo region, enabling customers to verify their system development for the Software 2.0 era.


In November 2022, SambaNova announced it is delivering its DataScale system to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory to provide a new resource for accelerating AI for science workloads, including large-scale imaging data and large language models. “With the rollout of Argonne’s SambaNova systems, we’re seeing scientists use novel AI architectures for pioneering research in areas ranging from climate predictions to neutrino physics. The new SambaNova system will help boost AI-driven research including our efforts to use deep learning to predict how tumors respond to various drug combinations and, in general, foundation AI models for science,” said Rick Stevens, Argonne’s associate laboratory director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences.


In November 2022, SambaNova announced its new computer vision capabilities for seismic analysis, a process used to identify oil and gas deposits representing billions of dollars in potential profit for oil and gas companies. “This is a pivotal time for the oil and gas sector, as operators look to improve efficiency and maximize value. Leading oil and gas organizations are leveraging computer vision models to make more accurate predictions in less time, resulting in potentially billions of dollars from the discovery of additional resource deposits,” said CEO Rodrigo Liang.


In February 2023, SambaNova announced its new SambaNova Suite, a collection of the most accurate generative AI models optimized for the enterprise, deployed on-premises or in the cloud. “For enterprises to continue to be competitive in almost any arena, they will need their own foundation model with generative AI capabilities. The new SambaNova Suite snaps into existing workflows and applications in a secure and open way to enable rapid adoption of generative AI across the enterprise,” said Marshall Choy, SVP of Product at SambaNova Systems.


In March 2023, SambaNova was chosen by Japan’s RIKEN scientific research institute to provide a DataScale system for the Fugaku supercomputer to assist with research into Japan’s “Society 5.0” vision. In a statement, R-CSS director Professor Satoshi Matsuoka said the move would provide the Center with a new option for accelerating the integration of HPC simulations and AI with the Fugaku supercomputer. "The new SambaNova system will boost research into the convergence of HPC and AI, including ultra-high-resolution computer vision for building a digital twin for the Society 5.0 era," he said.


In May 2023, SambaNova Systems announced that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is integrating its platform into the lab's supercomputing facilities to boost its cognitive simulation capabilities. The move follows other top-tier research laboratories that have deployed SambaNova technology. LLNL is one of the major federal research sites focused on the safety and effectiveness of the US nuclear deterrent, which involves a great deal of high-performance modeling and simulation work. The facility is also set to become the home for the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) first exascale supercomputer system, El Capitan, which is due to come online sometime this year.


In June 2023, consulting giant Accenture announced it is deploying a SambaNova Suite high-performance computing (HPC) system, dedicated to AI. “Accenture is adding color to their data center with a multi-rack installation of SambaNova Suite to be leveraged for internal, generative AI enterprise use cases and to give their customers access to SambaNova Systems' industry-leading platform,” SambaNova said.


In September 2023, SambaNova Systems announced a revolutionary new chip, the SN40L. The SN40L will power SambaNova’s full stack large language model (LLM) platform, the SambaNova Suite, with its revolutionary new design: on the inside it offers both dense and sparse compute, and includes both large and fast memory, making it a truly “intelligent chip”. SambaNova’s SN40L, manufactured by TSMC, can serve a 5 trillion parameter model, with 256k+ sequence length possible on a single system node. This is only possible with an integrated stack, and is a vast improvement on previous state-of-the-art chips, enabling higher quality models, with faster inference and training, at a lower total cost of ownership.


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