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Rawdon Messenger

Rawdon Messenger

Chief Growth Officer

Rawdon Messenger is the Chief Growth Officer at Linqto, the world’s first financial technology investment platform democratizing access to private equity investments for consumers. With a focus on product development and marketing, Rawdon drives Linqto's mission to establish market leadership in this emerging consumer investment sector. Prior to his role at Linqto, Rawdon worked as the Global Director of Product Marketing at eToro, where he played a key role in expanding the platform's user base to over 30 million. His tenure at eToro was marked by groundbreaking innovations in social trading, which brought the complexities of capital markets within reach of everyday investors.  As Chief Growth Officer at Uphold, he helped pioneer mass consumer adoption of crypto for investing and for utilities such as global payments. With an MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design from the University of London, Rawdon brings substantial expertise to discussions surrounding social investing and trading platforms.

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