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Do I need to be accredited to invest?

Yes, U.S. regulations require our investors to be accredited. But we've simplified the process and can get it done for you usually within 48 hours. Sign up to learn more.

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No, our minimum is $5 thousand, one of the lowest you'll find among our competitors which typically requires $100+ thousand.

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We are a Non-fee investment platform. Where other private equity firms may charge up to 5% in fees, you won't be charged additional fees. 

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Value creation has shifted to the private market.

In the current market landscape, cutting-edge firms are remaining private for extended periods. The median age for technology companies going public in 2000 was 4-5 years, in contrast to 12 years in 2018. The returns generated during this growth phase are attainable only through access to the private equity markets. As a discerning investor, it is imperative to gain an early foothold in these companies by investing in private equity shares.

Linqto, as a private equity marketplace, can assist potential investors in identifying and accessing these high-growth private companies. Our rigorous investment process and continuous pipeline of premier companies ensures that our members have access to exclusive investment opportunities, while our proprietary research provides valuable insights on potential investments. With Linqto, you can confidently navigate private equity markets and unlock exceptional returns.

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Axiom Space, a pioneering space company, has secured the prestigious contract to replace the International Space Station (ISS) by 2030. 

First year connecting module to ISS

Current Contracts Signed (Revenue)

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"They are the destination in space"

The transition of key aerospace components from government to private control has given rise to the thriving commercial aerospace industry. This process is now extending to space stations, epitomized by the upcoming retirement of the International Space Station (ISS), a joint venture of 14 nations, in 2030.

Leading this transition is Axiom Space, a company built on the foundations of significant experience in the space sector. Axiom Space is developing the world's first commercial space station, leveraging new technologies to build the Axiom Station at a cost far lower than the ISS. The company, which has secured over $2 billion in contracts, has already made history by sending the first-ever, all-private astronaut crew to the ISS. This successful mission paves the way for the late 2025 launch of the first module of the Axiom Station, a significant step towards the commercialization of space. 

Axiom Space, holding the exclusive contract to succeed the International Space Station (ISS), is currently constructing modules for its new Axiom Station. This groundbreaking process will witness its first major milestone in 2025 when the initial module will be launched and attached to the ISS, signaling the start of a transition that's set to complete by 2030. 

Axiom Space will be available soon on Linqto as an investment opportunity, and with only a $5k minimum. Sign up below if you’re interested in investing. 

Axiom's Business Model

As reported by the Financial Times, Axiom's CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Suffredini, states that the company has already secured around $2 billion in revenues. These revenues have been obtained through a combination of private space missions to the ISS, a NASA contract for spacesuit development, and various private research projects. 

Axiom Space has engaged with NASA on two significant spacesuit task orders. The first task order, valued at $228 million in 2022, was for the development of a lunar spacesuit to be used for the Artemis III mission to the Moon. The second task order involved the adaptation of the Artemis III lunar spacesuit for Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on the International Space Station (ISS). This task order comes with an initial commitment of $5 million, potentially expanding to $142 million over four years. 

  • Both these spacesuit task orders form part of NASA’s Extravehicular Activity Services (xEVAS) contract. This contract allows Axiom Space to vie for contracts that will enhance NASA’s capabilities for spacewalks through 2034. The xEVAS contract, based on milestone achievements, potentially values up to $3.5 billion for all task order awards.
  •  Axiom Space's astronaut flight business serves as a vital stepping stone towards the company's wider ambitions of establishing its own private space station by mid-decade. The plan is to initially connect modules to the ISS and then transition into a wholly private structure once the ISS is decommissioned, projected to occur around 2030. 

Private Investment

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Five key facts about Axiom Space: 

  1. Founding and Leadership: Axiom Space was founded in 2016 by former ISS program manager Mike Suffredini and former NASA contractor Kam Ghaffarian. This duo brings a wealth of experience in space station management and operations services to Axiom's mission. 
  1. Revenue Generation: Axiom has already secured around $2 billion in revenues, as reported by its CEO Mike Suffredini. This revenue comes from a combination of private space missions to the ISS, a NASA contract for spacesuit development, and various private research projects. 

  1. NASA Contracts: Axiom Space has secured two significant spacesuit task orders with NASA. The first, valued at $228 million in 2022, is for the development of a lunar spacesuit for the Artemis III mission. The second task order involves the adaptation of the lunar spacesuit for Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on the ISS, with a potential value of $142 million over four years. 

  1. Commercial Space Station: Axiom is in the process of building the world's first commercial space station. The company plans to launch its first module by 2025, with full station operation set to begin by 2030, after the retirement of the ISS. 

  1. Cost Efficiency: Axiom is building its space station at a fraction of the cost of the ISS. Despite the more advanced technology in use, the cost of the Axiom Space Station is estimated to be around 1/30th the cost of the ISS. 

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