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TAE Technologies: Building a Cleaner Tomorrow

By Ryan Prete, Aug 21, 2023

As the U.S. and other major nations continue to decrease their dependency on fossil fuels and shift towards a reliance on cleaner forms of energy, the rise of alternative energy resources, such as fusion energy, have gained significant prominence in recent years. 

Fusion energy is a promising and environmentally friendly power source that seeks to replicate the process occurring in the sun and other stars, where atomic nuclei combine to release enormous amounts of energy. This process involves fusing light atomic nuclei, usually isotopes of hydrogen, under extremely high temperatures and pressures to form a heavier nucleus, accompanied by the release of a substantial amount of energy.
This may sound like science fiction or some far-fetched goal of a future society, but fusion energy has already been relied on for decades, and with a current market value of $280.5 billion–and a expected market value of nearly $462 billion by 2029–the fusion energy market’s significance has already reached global recognition. Further, fusion energy companies have amassed over $4.5 billion in backing from venture capital and private equity firms since 2020, according to PitchBook. TAE Technologies is a leading player in the fusion energy market, with a company mission of delivering a transformational energy source capable of sustaining our planet for thousands of years

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A Forever Solution for Clean, Carbon-Free Energy

TAE Technologies is one of the leading companies behind fusion energy’s rapid rise. Founded in 1998, TAE is a pioneer when it comes to a practical, efficient, and economic solution to clean energy. The growing company has approximately 2,000 global patents to its name, including 1,400 patents which have already been granted. Further, TAE has already secured more than $1.2 billion in private capital raised and boasts five generations of National Laboratory-scale devices built–plus an additional two more in development–all built by a team of more than 600 experienced employees. 

TAE’s rolodex of patents and technologies has proven crucial for the development of fusion energy. To achieve controlled fusion on Earth, researchers at TAE are striving to create conditions similar to those inside stars. Unlike nuclear fission, which involves splitting heavy atomic nuclei and which can produce radioactive waste, fusion reactions primarily generate helium and do not produce long-lived radioactive waste. Fusion energy offers many environmental and economic advantages, including virtually limitless fuel availability from isotopes like deuterium and tritium, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced safety due to the inherently stable nature of the fusion process.

TAE Technologies’s revolutionary advancements have already produced a portfolio of significant commercial innovations in markets including power management, electric mobility, energy storage, fast charging, life sciences, and much more. TAE maintains offices in the U.S., the EU, UK, and Switzerland. 

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Looking Ahead: TAE Future Missions

Even with more than 1,400 patents approved, TAE isn’t slowing down. The transformative company’s next experimental platform called Copernicus is currently under development in Irvine, California. It is designed to operate at about 100-150 million degrees Celsius, the temperature benchmark for D-T fusion. Copernicus will run on hydrogen fuel to demonstrate the viability of net energy generation from TAE’s approach and provide opportunities to license the company’s technology while scaling to our ultimate goal of utilizing hydrogen-boron (p-B11) fuel. The company expects commercialization of TAE’s hydrogen-boron fusion power plants to begin by the early 2030s.

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Partnerships and Dynamic Leadership 

TAE’s revolutionary work in fusion energy has attracted some of the largest public companies in the world. As a result, TAE has been in partnership with Google since 2014 to apply machine learning, data science, and advanced computations to their research in order to accelerate progress toward commercial fusion power. The company also holds a partnership with the University of California.

The expertise and dedication of its management team, including visionaries like the late founder Norman Rostoker and CEO Michl Binderbauer, ensure TAE remains at the forefront of fusion research and commercialization

Further, the company has amassed a vast investor pool made up of some of the globe’s top investors, including Goldman Sachs, Chevron, and Google Ventures. TAE’s groundbreaking technologies and impressive capital raised have allowed the company to boast a $4.96 billion valuation. 

TAE Technologies is now available on the Linqto platform and we couldn’t be more excited to offer this company to our growing community of members. Visit TAE Technologies’ portfolio company page on our website to learn more. 

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Ryan Prete

Ryan Prete

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