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Linqto gives accredited investors and wealth managers access to high-return private equity opportunities previously only available to the largest institutional investors.

Linqto Investment LLC delivers tailored “Advisor First” private market solutions for:

  • independent RIAs and their clients
  • private funds
  • wealth-tech platforms

Linqto crafts customized investment programs for:

  • custodians
  • IRA providers
  • family offices
  • affinity groups
  • members of industry associations such as financial planning and healthcare

Linqto Adds Value for Your Firm, Clientele and Membership

  • liquidity
  • no costly fees
  • lower minimums
  • control of company selection
  • no lengthy lock-up periods

Why private investing

The Linqto Difference

Uniquely redefining private investing by simplifying complexities and pioneering new pathways in private investing.

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Minimum Investment
Full Control
Company Selection
No Control
Brokerage Fee
Up to 5%
Management Fee
Administrative Fee
< .05%
Carried Interest
Waiting Period
Up to 10 Yrs

Featured Partnerships


Farther is the first wealth management solution to offer both the guidance of an experienced advisor and an elegant, easy-to-use technology platform. Linqto is proud to offer “Startup Equity” investment opportunities to Farther advisors and their clients.


Millennium Trust is an expert provider of custody solutions committed to the evolving needs of advisors, financial institutions, businesses, and individual investors. Linqto is excited to be a member of the Millennium Alternative Investment Network (MAIN).

Wealth With No Regrets®

The Wealth With No Regrets® Planning process shows financially successful professionals, executives, business owners, and independent women how to live more confidently by having a custom tailored financial plan, income plan, tax plan, legacy plan and legal plan.

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