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Easy Access to Private Investment

From analysis to executing your first investment, Linqto has been built with our members in mind.

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We’re invested, just like you

How It Works

We assess the risk and make the investment, then we deliver the opportunity to you. We have skin in the game.

Exclusive Opportunities

Exclusive Opportunities

Our originations team is tirelessly on the hunt for the next standout pre-IPO venture. By identifying a diverse range of companies across various industries that are primed for a successful IPO debut, we aim to bring you the most promising opportunities.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

We delve into the financials, engage in discussions with the leadership, and scrutinize the market for a comprehensive risk assessment. Our analysis is both quantitative and qualitative, ensuring a holistic understanding of the potential and challenges associated with each opportunity.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

After making our own investment and presenting the opportunity to our members, we remain vigilant in monitoring each company. We also persistently update the market insights provided to you, ensuring that you have access to the most current and relevant information.

Your access to private investment

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Your journey into private investments begins here.

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Meet Our Platform

See how we deliver on our company’s promise: Private Investing Made Simple

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Getting Started

Three Easy
Steps to



Verify Your Identity

A quick photo of your government I.D. (e.g. Passport, National ID or drivers license) and a self-photo. Then provide just a few more details about yourself. This helps protect the security of our platform.




Indicate if you qualify as an accredited investor, and provide documentation to help us verify (if applicable). This keeps our platform compliant with financial regulations. Find out more by reading our FAQs.



Invest at Small Minimums

Fund your investment from your bank account via ACH or wire, your Uphold Wallet. It’s up to you! You can also use your retirement or business account. Ask us how!

you're in control

What Happens Next?

What sets Linqto apart is our commitment to providing our members with control. While traditional private equity platforms leave you waiting for an exit event, like an IPO or acquisition, Linqto enables you to take control. We provide liquidity, giving you the power to buy and sell your shares directly on our platform. This means you're not just investing and waiting; you can actively monitor and manage your portfolio to optimize your investment strategy.

Have questions? We are here to help!

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The Linqto mobile app enables our members to invest in pre-IPO companies and manage their investments from anywhere, at any time. The easy-to-navigate interface provides a seamless user experience, whether you're browsing investment opportunities or tracking the performance of your portfolio.

Our commitment to democratizing private equity investing extends to the palm of your hand. With Linqto, the power to invest, monitor, and actively manage your private equity portfolio is literally at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

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Invest Simply, From Anywhere

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