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What is the current hold period from when I purchase shares?

90 days is our current hold period. From the date of purchase, members must hold the asset for 90 days before selling and cannot use those shares to purchase another security on the platform. 

How is my cost basis determined when selling my shares?

Cost basis uses the First In, First Out method. I.e., the oldest shares in your portfolio will be “sold” first.

How is the share price calculated for my current holdings when initiating a sale?

The share price is calculated the at the time of your trade and can vary during times of high market activity.

What happens if there is a fluctuation in price from when I start a transaction?

Final price may vary up to 5% during periods of high volume.

If I pay with shares for a new purchase, how does it work?

Investors can leverage their current Linqto equity by selecting shares as a funding source when making a purchase order, enabling them to invest in new shares with a different company. With this feature you will be able to see how much proceeds will be used, as well as their value per share for the new purchase before executing the trade order. Note that shares are used first for a purchase, and cash in your account can cover any remaining balance.

What is Linqto?

Linqto's vision is "Your Access to Private Investment". Our mission is to make investing in private companies as easy and accessible as investing in the public stock market. Our platform features high growth, technology driven companies who we believe will go public or be acquired within 5 years. Ripple, Polysign, Epic Games, Zipline- these are just a few of the companies we have featured on our platform. Robinhood, Coinbase, and SoFi are examples of companies that our investors were able to purchase before they were publicly traded and experienced an IPO within a year.

Why should I invest in private company shares?

There are many reasons to invest in private equity. First and foremost, the private markets have far outperformed the public markets. Over the past 25 years, the average internal rate of return (IRR) for the top quartile of VC funds has ranged around 25% according to the Cambridge Associates Venture Capital Index. Over the same period, the S&P 500 returned around 10% per year. On a fundamental level, these investments are generally riskier and therefore demand higher returns on investment.

In today’s market, companies are staying private for much longer than they used to. The median age for tech companies going public in 2000 was 4-5 years compared with 12 years in 2018. The returns generated by these companies during their growth phase are only achievable by accessing the private share market. As an investor, this makes it essential that you gain an earlier entry point to these companies by investing in private company shares.

What makes Linqto different?

Linqto is structured in a unique way that benefits everyone involved in the private equity investment process.

For investors, we offer access to top private companies with industry-low minimums and no fees, all through a simple to use platform backed by world-class customer support. Plus, we believe so strongly in every company on our platform that we keep some equity for ourselves, so we're invested right alongside our investors.

For founders and employees of private companies, we provide a mean to realize the value of their equity at a fair price without needing to wait for their company to IPO or be acquired. We handle all the necessary paperwork and negotiations with the company to make it a stress free process for the individual.

For private companies, we provide your employees and investors with a path to liquidity while serving as only one investor on your cap table.

How does Linqto decide what companies to offer on the platform?

Our team of experts uses an incredible amount of information to determine the best companies to invest in and feature on the platform. While each situation is unique, generally we target the following companies:
-Mid-to-late stage in terms of financing (Series C or later)
-Growing fast
-Part of a large market and industry
-Solid financials - positive earnings or have a clear path to it
-Incredible leadership team
-Potential to exit within the next 5 years