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Fireside Chat with Wietse Wind


Wietse Wind

Founder, XRPL Labs

Nick Burrafato

Director of Member Investments, Linqto

Ray Fuentes

Community Director, Linqto

Start Date

November 22, 2022

9:00 am PST

End Date

November 22, 2022

10:00 am PST

This event has passed

Active in the XRPL since 2016, Wietse Wind will be joining us for our upcoming Team Apollo Fireside Chat in order to discuss the XUMM Wallet, a non-custodial XRP wallet, and the blockchain’s efficiency, functionality, and accessibility. A programmer by trade, Wietse first began developing code and tools for the XRPL community prior to founding XRPL Labs in 2019, through which he publishes open-source libraries and consumer applications on the XRPL. Born in 1988 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, Wietse touched a computer for the first time at age nine. While all kids in school were still writing their essays by hand, Wietse’s father helped him to write his essay using Word on Windows 3.11. At age ten, Wietse would finish work at school as soon as possible, spending the remaining time at the school attic repairing old computers. Soon the school lunch breaks were spent at the attic as well, learning everything about MS-DOS, OS/2, BAT scripts, electronics, soldering, and BASIC programming.