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Meet the CEO of Cerebras – The Quiet Company Making AI Possible


Andrew Feldman

Founder & CEO, Cerebras Systems

Joe Endoso

COO, Linqto

Start Date

May 18, 2023

11:00 am PST

End Date

May 18, 2023

12:00 pm PST

This event has passed

AI has been one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years, Bill Gates claims it’s as revolutionary as the internet. So far, AI has revolutionized various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing and finance. If we get it right, it could well be the most positive transformation of our history.

Perhaps you already know about this magnitude of innovation? What you might not know is that behind the stars of the show, the Google’s and the Microsoft’s etc, there’s a company quietly fuelling all this innovation: Cerebras. And we’re very lucky at Linqto to have orchestrated an hour-long fireside chat with Cerebras’ CEO Andrew Feldman and our COO Joe Endoso on the 18th of May at 11am PT.

Cerebras is the cogs and the screws behind this AI revolution – its mission is to transform the computation behind AI. Why? AI presents very interesting challenges to compute. At a very basic level, AI is trying to find insight in data – and it has A LOT of data to sift through. Computationally it’s very challenging and Cerebras has enabled scaling that was once unthinkable.

How? Andrew’s team has built a supercomputer from the ground up; they built the chips, the systems and the software. It enables AI practitioners to do their work much, MUCH faster. In fact, they’ve built the fastest AI computer in existence. They’ve built the largest chip ever made – 56 times bigger than the second largest chip ever made – and it has 2.5 trillion times more transistors than its nearest competitor. In the meantime, they’ve set all sorts of world records and partnered with the likes of GlaxoSmithKline to test new drugs and Graphcore to develop new AI applications. In short, it’s well on its way to completing its mission – transforming the computation behind AI. As such, it is pushing an entire industry forward at the infrastructure level. Think of it this way; if AI is the train, Cerebras is the rails and the tracks.

This is a company that has received a lot of investment from a lot of serious players: Benchmark, Sequoia, A16z as well as Sam Altman himself, the man behind OpenAI, which has produced ChatGPT. The list goes on, but you’ll understand why Linqto decided to buy a slice of the Cerebras pie as well.

When it comes to CEOs, Andrew is nothing short of exceptional; this is his fifth company – prior to Cerebras he cofounded and was the CEO of SeaMicro, a pioneer of energy efficient, high bandwidth microservers, which was acquired by AMD for $357m. Before that he was with Force10 Networks, which sold to Dell for $800m. Prior to Force10 he was at Riverstone Networks, from the company’s inception all the way to IPO in 2001. This is a man who is pioneering fearless engineering and creating a company that will shift how the world operates. Expect a powerful session of what the future might hold…


Andrew Feldman, Founder & CEO, Cerebras Systems

Andrew is co-founder and CEO of Cerebras Systems. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to pushing boundaries in the compute space. Prior to Cerebras, he co-founded and was CEO of SeaMicro, a pioneer of energy-efficient, high-bandwidth microservers. SeaMicro was acquired by AMD in 2012 for $357M. Before SeaMicro, Andrew was the Vice President of Product Management, Marketing and BD at Force10 Networks which was later sold to Dell Computing for $800M. Prior to Force10 Networks, Andrew was the Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development at RiverStone Networks from the company’s inception through IPO in 2001. Andrew holds a BA and an MBA from Stanford University.