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Polysign Is Key To Our New Financial System


Jack McDonald

CEO, Polysign

Joe Endoso

COO, Linqto

Start Date

February 17, 2023

10:30 am PST

End Date

February 17, 2023

11:30 am PST

This event has passed

The world of digital assets is growing at tremendous speed, we all know this. For institutions to get involved however, digital custody needs to be mastered, and right now it is very, very much in demand…

Getting custody right is KEY to our new financial system. As individuals, you may use a cold wallet to keep your digital assets safe, whilst this a viable solution for myself, yourself, at scale however; for banks and hedge funds etc, a cold wallet is not going to fly. Why? Well, Institutions have to deal with much greater solution complexity due to compliance and regulatory controls over fund movements, the need to interface with established legacy systems, reporting requirements, and a load more. For this to work, institutional investors need trusted custody and trading solutions on par with their requirements for investing in traditional securities. There is a dire need for a better platform for custody and fund administrations to address this challenge and aid the transition from traditional finance to decentralized finance.

Enter centre stage Polysign.

Polysign is swiftly becoming the foundation that underpins the management and safekeeping of assets for institutions. To be precise, Polysign builds institutional grade infrastructure for investors to secure and transact in digital assets across the capital markets and payment sectors. It’s the glue that brings this whole industry together. If you don’t know about them or you’d like to know more, you’re in the right place as we will be sitting down with none other than Polysign’s CEO, Jack Mcdonald, to get to grips with how and why a company like Polysign is key to unlocking our new financial system.

Why should you care? Without custody you can’t have tokenization, you cannot have smart contracts. If we’re to be intelligent about this and look further down the line, well, it’s highly likely that everything will be tokenised; money, energy, real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, natural resources and identity. That’s just a small taste of why a company like Polysign is so important. Plus, unlike other companies it’s not trying to be a one-size-fits-all solution (many firms attempt to be an exchange, brokerage and custody house), instead, Polysign does just custody and it does it really well. That’s why it acquired MG Stover, the ‘go to’ in fund administration around digital. They also have a subsidiary called Standard Custody and Trust, which has patented tech for securing secret keys; it provides custody and escrow services for institutions. The strategic imperative of putting those businesses together is to compliment custody from all angles.

The transition from traditional finance to decentralized finance requires making the world of digital assets more attractive to institutional investors and Jack McDonald and the custody beast that is Polysign holds the keys to the kingdom.