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The Equity Compensation Roadmap: Grant to Cash


Alva Fuller

Marcel Pfister

Phillip Duckworth

Start Date

August 11, 2022

9:00 am PST

End Date

August 11, 2022

10:00 am PST

This event has passed

Equity Compensation Roadmap

Equity compensation is non-cash pay that is offered to employees. It may be options, restricted stock, or performance shares; these investment vehicles represent ownership in the firm for a company’s employees. It allows the employee to share in the profits via appreciation and can encourage retention, particularly if vesting requirements exist. But what happens when you exercise your options? What are the tax implications? When should you exercise your options? What should you consider? So what are the paths to liquidity? Aside from IPO, Acquisition, Direct Listing, SPAC. There’s also selling your private shares to a buyer. What are the tax implications here? What of ROFR? Do you need company approval? We will be sitting down with Alva Fuller, Marcel Pfister, and Phillip Duckworth from wealth management company Farther to discuss pre and post-liquidity planning and fully understand the processes and paths to liquidity.