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Founded: 2009

Headquarters: La Jolla, California is a platform that helps passionate people create, promote, discover, enjoy, and make the most of every event. With its end-to-end event management solutions, gives organizers access to a suite of products for every step of the event life cycle, allowing organizers to save time and generate more revenue. offers sponsorship and promotional tools, event management software, event calendars, digital marketing services, on-site check-in, and on-site sales to make the event organizing process a smooth experience from start to finish.

Key Facts


Event Management Software is a category with a relatively high degree of dissatisfaction, creating opportunities for superior solutions. The event management landscape is also often characterized by a high degree of fragmentation, which poses significant challenges for organizers and stakeholders involved. Numerous standalone solutions exist for different aspects of event management such as ticketing, marketing, sponsorship, and attendee engagement. This fragmentation necessitates organizers to interact with multiple platforms to achieve a comprehensive management solution, often leading to increased operational complexity and potential data silos. Moreover, the lack of a centralized platform can result in inefficiencies, miscommunication, and missed opportunities for better integration and data analytics. The need for consolidated, all-encompassing platforms is evident to address the fragmentation issue, streamline operations, and enhance the overall efficiency and success of managing events.

2 is striving to mitigate the fragmentation prevalent in the event management sector by offering a unified platform. The platform encapsulates various functionalities allowing individuals and organizations to create, promote, and manage events all in one place, thus diminishing the necessity to juggle multiple standalone solutions.


By doing so, aids in enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining communication, and ensuring a seamless flow of information across different stages of event management.


The platform supports event organizers in crafting memorable attendee experiences, generating new revenue streams, and boosting overall efficiency, which are critical for the success and financial viability of events. With a focus on collaboration and customer-centric solutions, is not only simplifying the event management process but also revolutionizing the business approach within this domain.

5 is a single, unified software and service provider built to allow event organizers of all experience levels the opportunity to easily set up and maximize events.


The platform provides the organizer with unique, easy-to-use features that make managing an event easy and more profitable.


The platform allows event organizers to efficiently manage and coordinate key components of an event, such as the physical venue, food and beverage providers, insurance, and more.

8 provides an organizer dashboard to keep track of budget management, timelines, venue, permits, transportation, and food and beverage.

9 offers event organizers a powerful marketing vehicle backed by its database of event goer analytics, allowing event planners to discover new customers and market more effectively.

10’s software provides features such as discovery, email analytics, social channel integration, push notifications, and retention marketing aimed at increasing an event’s exposure, while also adding targeted marketing and social aspects to the customer’s experience.


Through the website, event planners can keep track of all various types of transactions and completely organize all other venue/ticket management components of an event.


Using’s software, event organizers can manage every aspect of the ticket process, including purchase/transaction processing, cash management, virtual participation, space planning, sales tax, refund tracking, and invoicing.


The site stores data gathered from past events, adding this information to its database and providing a better understanding of future events.


The platform tracks every detail of an organizer’s event, allowing them to tailor any future events using the information learned.

15 leverages blockchain technology to provide event organizers and participants with opportunities to collect and commemorate the experiences.


The platform allows participants to discover, purchase, and interact with NFT collections.


The discovery function recommends events based on its database of event participants’ information and by analyzing past event preferences and through friend network data.


The platform enables the seamless search for events based on one’s interest, past behavior, and location, with 100+ event categories to choose from.

19 is transforming the events industry through the integration of AI.’s AI/LLM strategy consists of: (1) Smart Discovery: LLMs understand participants to ensure 95%+ match rates, (2) Smart Ticketing: AI enables optimized revenue through dynamic pricing and fraud detection, (3) Smart Management: AI optimizes scheduling, forecasts resources, and provides real-time insights, (4) Smart Marketing: AI generates optimized content, monitors social media, and refines campaigns and opportunities.


The platform is powerful because it leverages multiple revenue streams compared to traditional competitors that focus on only a single revenue source.

21 generates revenue through a tiered fee on ticket sales, transactions on registrations and merchandise, ancillary revenues, digital marketing, sponsorships, and subscriptions.


The ticket pricing is segmented into various ranges. For tickets priced up to $25, fees are under $2. As the ticket price increases, so does the fee, reaching $2.95 for tickets priced between $26 to $35, and increasing gradually until it reaches $14.95 for tickets priced above $700.

23 receives a 6% commission on each registration transaction and a 4% commission on merchandise transactions. also receives 30% of ancillary revenue from an event.


The pricing for digital marketing tools on is determined by the positioning of the event listing on the website: (1) Free listing: Events are shown in chronological order, (2) Featured and boosted listing: $5/day per event per city, (3) Premier listing: $25-$100/day to be the top spot on’s largest ad space on the partner calendar of choice.

25 generates revenue from SaaS subscriptions to Enterprise and Discover.

26 offers three different tiers of plans based on how many events or series of events a user manages monthly: (1) Basic (up to 5 events): $30/month or $300/year, (2) Pro (up to 15 events): $50/month or $480/year, (3) Enterprise (up to 40 events): $80/month or $780/year.


In August 2022, acquired (HGS), an event sponsorship technology company. HGS was named on Event Manager Blog’s list of the “Hottest Event Startups to Watch.” The acquisition allows to provide its current and future customers with the tools and skills to find, sell, and manage sponsors, in-kind partners, vendors, and expo sales.


In October 2022, acquired the assets of the global ticketing company BPT, with customers in over 120 countries. BPT’s technology has processed and paid event organizers over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales and registrations since its inception. It has provided event ticketing and registration services online for over 20 years, helping event organizers worldwide promote and sell out events. BPT’s team and technology are excellent additions to the platform, which delivers a wide range of software and services through several brands that power event discovery, ticketing, sponsorship, marketing, and management. The transaction will extend the footprint and provide BPT with ample resources for growth and development, accelerating its recovery from the pandemic.


In December 2022, announced that it had secured a capital commitment of $100 million in the form of a Share Subscription Facility (SSF) from Gem Global Yield LLC SCS (GGY). The SSF will accelerate the company’s growth strategy via acquisitions, partnerships, and organic initiatives. Under this tailored agreement, will have the ability to draw down up to $100 million following an equity exchange listing.


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Money - 100

Momentum - 100

Management - 100

Market - 100

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Employees: 500

Key Officers

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

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Businesses that accept or are transitioning to accept bitcoin payments. Customers that own or trade cryptocurrency

Valuation & Fundraising

Last Round: Jan. 2021, Seed

Valuation Post-Money: $10M


Amount Raised: $1M

Total Funds Raised: $10M


Linqto Implied Valuation: $10M

Funding Rounds

Date Round Amount Valuation
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M
01/01/2021 Seed $11M $11M

Valuation Over Time

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1 buyback

Competitive Landscape

Company Valuation Revenue

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B

Company Name

San Francisco, California

$65.3B $1.3B