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Founded: 2010

Headquarters: San Francisco, California



Last Round Valuation

$50 Billion

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About SingleStore

SingleStore empowers the world’s leading organizations to build and scale modern applications using the only database that allows you to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time. With streaming data ingestion, support for both transactions and analytics, horizontal scalability and hybrid vector search capabilities, SingleStore helps deliver 10-100x better performance at 1/3 the costs compared to legacy architectures. Hundreds of customers worldwide — including Fortune 500 companies and global data leaders — use SingleStore to power real-time applications and analytics.

Key Facts

The database market is highly saturated, featuring hundreds of distinct databases. This abundance reflects the utility of specialized systems, yet the complexity of integrating these systems can negate much of their intended value. The surge in database diversity is attributed to the adoption of cloud-native architectures that exploit elastic cloud resources and a growing demand from developers for the capability to store large volumes of data accessible with minimal latency and maximal throughput.

Despite the trend towards specialized databases, there is a compelling case for a unified database solution that leverages cloud infrastructure to efficiently address both transactional and analytical workloads, thereby streamlining development processes, reducing the need for data transformation, and cutting costs on multiple fronts.

SingleStore takes a unique approach to the market by offering a product that enables all types of data use cases across every organization. Traditionally, database solutions and their providers have been categorized into two main types: those that specialize in analytical processing for large datasets (such as for business intelligence tools) and those that focus on transactional processing for smaller datasets (like customer-oriented applications), with processing velocity often linked to dataset size.

SingleStore challenges this traditional divide by adeptly managing both expansive historical datasets and instantaneous transactional data within the same framework, achieving exceptionally fast processing speeds and leveraging SQL. This capability enables a broad range of real-time applications, from predictive maintenance and speedy business intelligence dashboards to real-time analytics for algorithmic trading. In essence, SingleStore offers a singular platform to address all data needs.

“SingleStore helps businesses adapt more quickly, embrace diverse data and accelerate digital innovation by operationalizing all data through one platform,” CEO Raj Verma said. “Its proprietary, simplified, data-agnostic approach is built so that organizations can act with informed insights to make business-critical decisions fast.”

The company’s technology is what’s known as a relational database, meaning it uses a structure of rows and columns to identify and access data in relation to other data components in the database. That’s opposed to a nonrelational database, which has a storage model optimized for the type of data that it’s storing.

SingleStoreDB excels at real-time and high throughput query use cases. It is a great database for data intensive applications, running both transactional and analytic workloads.

By separating storage and compute, CEO Raj Verma claims that SingleStore’s database platform can process a trillion rows per second, ingest billions of rows of data an hour and host databases with tens of thousands of tables. Use cases span real-time analytics, operational AI, predictive maintenance and pretty much any other app or service that relies on a structured database for storage.

SingleStore's innovative database streamlines data architectures and provides the ultra-fast speed and elastic scalability required for creating breakthrough experiences, fueled by ubiquitous connectivity and high-velocity, high-volume data workloads.

SingleStore offers a one-stop, modern database solution that seamlessly unifies various data models and types. This integration facilitates a streamlined approach to managing diverse data sets within a single platform.

The platform is engineered to provide low-latency, consistent queries and processing, making it ideal for data-intensive workloads. This capability ensures efficient operational analytics across a wide range of applications.

The database is data agnostic, offering robust support for all types of data — whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. It is designed to operate across various environments, including hybrid, on-premises, and cloud, providing flexible data management solutions.

SingleStoreDB is a distributed SQL database that offers high-throughput transactions, low-latency analytics, and context from real-time vector data.

With its single-pane-of-glass experience, SingleStore enables real-time insights and streamlined database management. This feature simplifies the oversight of data operations, making it easier for users to derive value from their data assets.

SingleStoreDB adapts to users' cloud journey stages, offering the flexibility to deploy according to their needs: as a self-managed solution on-premises or as a fully managed service in the cloud.

The pricing for SingleStoreDB is based on a usage model, which means it fluctuates according to the specific demands of a user's application.

SingleStore offers three pricing tiers to accommodate various needs. The Standard package starts at $0.80/hr for production workloads, offering 99.9% SLA and unlimited storage among other features. The Premium package, at $1.60/hr, includes everything in Standard plus enhanced SLA and security features for mission-critical workloads. For unique security requirements, the Dedicated package provides customized solutions, with custom pricing.

According to TechCrunch in 2022, CEO Raj Verma said that SingleStore is approaching $100 million in annual recurring revenue with a customer base of roughly 300 brands, including Hulu, Uber, and Comcast.

In April 2023, SingleStore introduce SQrL, the SingleStore chatbot, dedicated to assisting users in learning and developing on SingleStoreDB.

In May 2023, SingleStore announced the launch of SingleStore Kai for MongoDB, a new API that turbocharges real-time analytics on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and vector-based similarity searches for MongoDB based AI applications — without the need for any query changes or data transformations.

In January 2024, SingleStore announced powerful new capabilities — making it the industry’s only real-time data platform. With its latest release, dubbed SingleStore Pro Max, the company announced ground-breaking features like indexed vector search, an on-demand compute service for GPUs/ CPUs and a new free shared tier, among several other innovative new products. Together, these capabilities shrink development cycles while providing the performance and scale that customers need for building applications.

In January 2024, SingleStore teamed up with ThoughtSpot, an innovative AI-powered analytics platform to provide a seamless pathway for organizations to tap into the power of real-time data. With ThoughtSpot, every user — technical and non-technical — can limitlessly engage with live data the way they want to, making it easy to create and interact with granular, hyper-personalized and actionable insights.

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John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


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Last Round

Sept. 2019, Series B1

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MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
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Company Valued Revenue
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B

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