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Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Titusville, Florida

Space Perspective, the world's first and only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, is on a mission to make space travel accessible to more people than ever before. Its innovative Spaceship Neptune, which comprises a pressurized capsule propelled by a giant SpaceBalloon, offers a safe and transformative six-hour journey to the edge of space. With no rockets, weightlessness, heavy g-forces, or training required, the experience is designed to be as gentle on Explorers as it is on the Earth. Those who fly with Space Perspective, which is regulated by the FAA and follows guidelines established by NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard, enjoy unprecedented views of the planet through the largest windows ever flown to space, a world-class meal and cocktail service, Wi-Fi, and lavatory – all from the comforts of the world's first Space Lounge. Based on Florida's Space Coast, Space Perspective was founded by human spaceflight veterans Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, who met as original crew members in Biosphere 2. They went on to launch Paragon Space Development Corporation, which develops tech for environmental control systems that, for example, can be found on the International Space Station (ISS). Space Perspective's team more broadly has been instrumental in the development of every U.S. human spacecraft for the past 40 years.

Key Facts


Founded by human spaceflight veterans Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective has completely reimagined space travel, aiming to make human spaceflight safer and more accessible than ever before with its innovative Spaceship Neptune.


The spacecraft (Spaceship Neptune) features a pressurized capsule with panoramic views propelled slowly and safely to 100,000 feet by a giant patented SpaceBalloon, and with its carbon-neutral approach, it is designed to be as gentle on Space Perspective's Explorers as it is on the Earth. With no heavy g-forces or training required, it is as easy as being in an airplane.


The capsule's customizable interior cabin accommodates eight Explorers and a Captain and includes a world-class travel experience complete with a meal and cocktail service. Spaceship Neptune plans to begin taking flight commercially by the end of 2024.


Space Perspective is a world away from rocket-fueled space endeavors and instead, uses a thin, plastic balloon filled with hydrogen gas. Attached to the cabin, the balloon will gradually take guests up 100,000 feet at 12 miles per hour, float for two hours, and then descend by slowly releasing the gas. The company uses hydrogen, which has been demonstrated to be a safe gas for use in balloons and is increasingly being used in other industries, instead of helium due to shortages.


If the balloon happens to be damaged, it will descend slowly to the ground, and there is also a backup parachute system.


Space Perspective is also searching for ways to up-cycle their SpaceBalloon material, as all other parts of Spaceship Neptune are designed to be re-flown.


The passenger experience begins at Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, for a tour and security briefing (transported station to station in the new, ultra-luxury, and all-electric Mercedes-Maybach EQS-680) before the more-than-six-hour journey takes the sky-bound Explorer to an apogee free of 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere.


The six-hour round trip enables anybody who can board an airplane to soak in the beautiful views of the thin blue line circling Earth below and the dark vastness of space above.


Adding to the luxurious experience Explorers will find onboard Spaceship Neptune are elements like a world-class food and beverage program, comfortable seating, and amenities like custom headphones, amenity kits, and Wi-Fi.


Space Perspective craft launch from and return to the Marine Spaceport (MS) Voyager—a 294-foot sea-going vessel serving as the first in a planned fleet of mobile spaceports that can sail to anywhere in the world.


With its balloons and capsules capable of lifting off from the MS Voyager or land-based sites such as the Kennedy Space Center, Space Perspective lays claim to being the first global space travel experience company.


Space Perspective’s MS Voyager and future Space Perspective Marine Spaceports give the company the operational flexibility needed to grow its business more quickly to reach a supply-constrained global market for commercial space travel.


Plans are underway to integrate marine-based launches into marquee global events, and conversations are active with several potential destinations across the globe to offer Explorers an awe-inspiring view of some of the world’s most iconic geography.


Marine Spaceports create ideal launch conditions in two ways: by navigating to areas of good weather, which allows for year-round operations within a region, and by moving with the sea breeze, so there is virtually no wind across the deck. This enables more frequent launch opportunities, as well as more options for the time of day, including sunrise and sunset nighttime stargazing flights for Explorers.


When it’s time to come back to Earth at the end of the journey in Spaceship Neptune’s pressurized capsule, a patent-pending splash-cone at its base provides a smooth and gentle water landing. Fast boats from Fluid Watercraft then arrive to stabilize the capsule, which will be lifted onto the Marine Spaceport by a custom-built A-frame provided by Supreme Integrated Technologies.


Communications throughout the operation – between land, sea, and capsule – are provided by Silvus Technologies, utilizing military-grade StreamCaster MANET radios and MN-MIMO waveform technology.


The primary revenue stream for Space Perspective comes from ticket sales for its balloon flights. Additionally, the company intends to generate revenue through merchandise sales, partnerships, sponsorships, and potential future expansion into related services or experiences.


A flight on Spaceship Neptune costs $125,000 per person with a starting deposit of $1,000 to reserve a seat. Coveted first 100 flights start at a $60,000 deposit with select first 25 flights requiring a full $125,000 deposit.


Commercial flights are slated to begin at the end of 2024, and Space Perspective is already booking into two and three years out. Space Perspective views the lower price point as a way to bring a wider range of prospective customers to the launchpad—creating a larger pool of inspired eco-activists.


In July 2023, Space Perspective announced that the company had sold more than 1,600 tickets – surpassing the number of seats sold by any other space tourism company and representing $200 million in sales.


Nearly half of the reservations represent full capsule sales, indicating that Explorers want a shared experience with a curated group of friends, family, and loved ones.


According to TechCrunch, "The company aims to launch on the order of 100 flights per year using two capsules on the same day. With each ticket costing $125,000, that means $1 million in revenue per flight with eight passengers plus a pilot, and $100 million in revenue per year at full cadence."


In October 2023, Space Perspective unveiled the custom design for its restroom – a first-ever Space Spa. Tucked into one side of the roomy capsule interior (the Space Lounge), the Space Spa will surpass facilities you would find in a first-class airplane cabin and serve as a solo oasis during spaceflight, which is a shared experience for eight Explorers accompanied by a Captain.


In October 2023, Space Perspective announced a partnership with Mercedes-Maybach, who will provide all-electric vehicles to shuttle Explorers and guests to and from Space Perspective facilities, local activities, and the launch site on Florida's Space Coast. Thanks to this partnership, Space Perspective customers will be able to ride comfortably and sustainably to and from their trips to the edge of space. Mercedes-Maybach and Space Perspective are also exploring design and hospitality integrations for Explorers' end-to-end experiences.


In December 2023, the Texas Lottery and Space Perspective announced a partnership that will send eight people to the edge of space in 2025. The Texas Lottery will be the first lottery in the world to offer flights on Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune as a second-chance prize. Representatives from both organizations introduced the Space Perspective Cash Adventure Promotion which is connected with the new $1,000,000 Cash Blast scratch ticket game.


In January 2024, the OREO brand celebrated the release of limited-edition OREO Space Dunk cookies by partnering with Space Perspective to send one lucky fan to the edge of space. Each cookie is stuffed with layers of blue and pink "cosmic creme" with marshmallowy flavor, and popping candies that create a supernova bursting sensation with each bite. Fans and aspiring Space Perspective space Explorers can scan the QR code on a pack of OREO Space Dunk cookies for entry details or head to to enter the Lift Off with OREO sweepstakes for a chance to embark on a transformative six-hour journey to the edge of space in Space Perspective's Spaceship Neptune.


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