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Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

SparkCognition’s award-winning AI solutions allow organizations to predict future outcomes, prescribe next actions, empower people, and protect assets. SparkCognition partners with the world’s industry leaders to analyze, optimize, and learn from all types of data, augment human intelligence, drive profitable growth, and achieve operational excellence. SparkCognition’s patented AI technologies include machine learning, deep neural networks, natural language processing, generative AI, and computer vision—enabling productivity, innovation, and accelerating digital transformation. SparkCognition’s solutions solve critical problems, prevent unexpected downtime, maximize asset performance, deliver net-zero initiatives, proactively address safety, and prevent cyberattacks.

Key Facts


Numerous challenges across sectors demand robust solutions: the need for predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failures, enhanced cybersecurity against growing cyber threats, improved operational efficiency and safety through streamlined processes, sophisticated data management for informed decision-making, automated fraud detection in financial transactions, advanced airspace management for drone operations, and technological solutions for complex government and defense problems. These issues highlight the necessity for innovative approaches to ensure security, efficiency, and informed decision-making across industries.


SparkCognition develops AI-powered solutions across various domains to tackle critical challenges. Their products help enhance cybersecurity, optimize industrial and maritime operations, manage renewable energy assets, and automate trading activities. Additionally, they offer visual analytics for real-time insights and a Generative AI platform to further address complex business problems. Through these solutions, SparkCognition aims to boost operational efficiency, security, and decision-making for businesses.


“Our AI solutions address core infrastructure challenges, including asset optimization, preventing zero-day cyberattacks, augmenting skill gaps, and enabling climate change initiatives,” said Amir Husain, Founder and CEO of SparkCognition.


SparkCognition offers multiple products, including Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), Industrial AI Suite, Maritime Shipping Adviser, Renewable Suite, Trading Suite, Visual AI Advisor, and AI platform.


SparkCognition EPP delivers the power of big data combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict and prevent cyberattacks, including zero-day malware and ransomware, with proven AI-powered endpoint protection.


Leveraging proprietary AI/ML technology, SparkCognition's EPP adeptly balances pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and ease of use, delivering robust next-generation endpoint protection for a user’s business. Operating around the clock, SparkCognition EPP safeguards user assets, minimizes performance disruptions, and reduces false positives—thus alleviating workflow hindrances.


The SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite alleviates typical hurdles encountered during digital transformation, harnessing the power of AI to unearth actionable insights from industrial data.


The SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite helps users derive and apply valuable insights from adaptable data pipelines linked to various datasets. Its unique Studio Apps expedite the development and deployment of robust AI models, and its user-friendly Operator Apps aid professionals in recognizing and assessing risks to vital equipment by analyzing maintenance tasks, tracking real-time operational KPIs, understanding asset performance trends, and visualizing operational data in 2D and 3D, among other features.


The Maritime Shipping Advisor's knowledge platform assesses the costs of each viable assignment and optimizes fleet utilization in adherence to business constraints. This transformation turns a previously slow and error-susceptible manual process into an automated one, always primed for re-optimization as required.


Maritime Shipping Advisor efficiently computes more than 200 supported factors impacting a user’s fleet utilization plan, including vessel/terminal/product compatibility, bunkering requirements, vessel details, cleaning requirements, possible vessel speeds, weather conditions, piracy risk, port and channel congestion, and more.


SparkCognition Renewable Suite was built by renewable energy experts to provide a single AI-powered tool for the management of multiple asset types—solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage—with a proven ability to increase annual energy production by up to 5% and decrease operation and maintenance (O&M) costs by 10%.


SparkCognition Renewable Suite presents users with a holistic view, enabling access to actionable alerts for fleet-level KPIs and operations. The suite's automated performance metrics facilitate streamlined maintenance decision-making.


SparkCognition Trading Suite allows users to automate market-making activities with speed and agility in sync with dynamic factors like real-time market changes, client profiling, and cover predictions. Its customizable AI engine, powered by reinforcement learning, significantly amplifies a trading desk's ability to manage risk, unlocking new value and efficiencies at scale, all while addressing the liquidity requirements of customers.


Using real-time market information, Trading Suite’s customizable, artificial intelligence-driven pricing, execution, and hedging engines enable greater risk management capabilities—helping users generate alpha and benefit from efficiencies at scale. The comprehensive platform automates essential trading activities.


SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor empowers users to detect and analyze objects in their video feed so users can increase productivity, reduce accidents, strengthen security, and better understand their business.


Utilizing established enterprise computer vision technology to automate real-time visual analytics and alerts through a user's existing camera infrastructure, SparkCognition's Visual AI Advisor caters to over 125 end-to-end use cases. This enhances safety, security, visual inspection, productivity, and situational awareness.


SparkCognition’s Generative AI platform includes automated model building, knowledge graphs, natural language processing, and other artificial intelligence tools that combine to build AI-powered solutions that solve critical problems and everyday challenges for businesses.


SparkCognition further extends its reach through affiliated businesses. These include SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), SkyGrid, HyperWerx.


SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary that leverages proven commercial technologies to meet the needs of the most pressing public-sector problems and national security needs.


SkyGrid, a joint venture with Boeing, is powering the next generation of aviation. Built on AI and blockchain, SkyGrid takes a smarter approach to solving airspace management for drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft.


HyperWerx is a 50-acre, one-of-a-kind autonomy facility where SparkCognition, SGS, and partners like Boeing and Raytheon, test complex systems, build, design, deploy, and showcase how AI, drones, sensors, and other exponential technologies come together to solve important social problems and create large-scale economic opportunities.


SparkCognition does not publicly provide their pricing model, however, the company generates revenue by selling its AI software solutions to businesses and organizations.


According to SparkCognition in January 2022, “This financing round follows a record year of growth for SparkCognition, with revenue accelerating 90% year over year, booking increasing 5X, and the company’s IP portfolio expanding by 75%. The company completed three acquisitions in 2021, further expanding into the financial services, maritime, and renewable energy markets, and adding computational knowledge graph capabilities to its portfolio. SparkCognition also opened its HyperWerx facility, a first-of-its-kind 50-acre proving ground showcasing AI at work, from IoT and robotics to autonomous drones and Industry 4.0.”


Recent SparkCognition milestones include: (1) SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor currently has 130K+ cameras under contract across 16 countries, (2) SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor is used to transport 3 billion barrels of oil globally, (3) SparkCognition Renewable Suite currently manages 8.5 GW of capacity, (4) SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite provides predictive maintenance for some of the largest offshore platforms, overseeing 170M barrels of production per year, (5) SkyGrid technology is installed on over 78,000 registered drone users across 190+ countries.


In April 2023, SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS) announced that it has been awarded a $4.2 million multiyear contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). This contract expands SGS's partnership with AFRL to deploy SGS's AI-powered readiness solution, Digital Maintenance Advisor (DMA), across additional maintenance, supply, and logistics use cases in support of the F-16 fleet and its operators.


In May 2023, SparkCognition announced a technology collaboration with Shell to accelerate the pace of imaging and exploration of subsurface structures using generative AI technology. By using advanced AI algorithms to process large amounts of data and automate the analysis, SparkCognition aims to improve the efficiency and speed of exploration workflows, leading to potentially increased production and higher success rates.


In June 2023, SparkCognition was awarded the Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Best Practices Company of the Year Award for industrial AI solutions and was named to the inaugural XB100, the definitive ranking of the top 100 private deep tech companies, published by XPRIZE and Bessemer Venture Partners.


In July 2023, SparkCognition announced a further expansion into Pakistan through its partnership with Core9 and its latest customer, CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited, a textile subsidiary of CHT Group. CHT Pakistan is deploying SparkCognition’s computer vision solution, Visual AI Advisor, to enhance worker safety, improve productivity, and help ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance. This announcement builds on SparkCognition’s existing relationships in Pakistan, including customers such as Punjab Beverages, a Pepsico Pakistan franchise bottling company, Kale Labs, a digital supply chain and salesforce automation technology company, and Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group (KMLG), a textiles and cement manufacturer.


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$65.3B $1.3B