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Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California



Last Round Valuation

$50 Billion

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About BitGo

BitGo provides the most secure and scalable wallet solutions for the digital asset economy, offering regulated custody, staking and trading, and core wallet infrastructure. Founded in 2013, BitGo pioneered the multi-signature wallet and is the first digital asset company to focus exclusively on serving institutional clients. In 2018, it launched BitGo Trust Company, the first qualified custodian purpose-built for storing digital assets, and established BitGo New York Trust in 2021. In 2022, BitGo launched institutional-grade DeFi, NFT, and web3 services. BitGo secures approximately 20% of all on-chain Bitcoin transactions by value and supports more than 700 digital assets within its platform. BitGo provides the security and operational backbone for more than 1,500 institutional clients in 50 countries, including many regulated entities and the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

Key Facts

In the digital asset space, providing high-level security and custody for cryptocurrencies is a critical issue for institutional investors and for fostering widespread adoption. This challenge involves navigating complex regulations, managing transactional risks, and ensuring liquidity in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Additionally, integrating digital asset management into various applications is essential, requiring advanced security measures like multi-signature technology to prevent theft and unauthorized access.

BitGo addresses the need for secure cryptocurrency management by offering regulated custody, borrowing, lending, and core infrastructure solutions. With a focus on regulatory compliance and advanced security, including multi-signature technology and the Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), BitGo meets institutional investor needs. It navigates complex regulations and manages transactional risks, enhancing digital asset settlement security, and contributing to cryptocurrency market stability. Furthermore, BitGo's services facilitate the integration of digital asset management into various applications, promoting wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

BitGo provides a full suite of products and solutions including hot wallets, custodial wallets, self-managed cold wallets, NFT wallets, collateral management, wealth management, trading, borrowing, lending, staking, DeFi, the Go Network, wallet-as-a-service, and a Web3 bridge.

BitGo's hot wallets allow users to manage two of the three keys, providing a balance between security and liquidity.

BitGo’s wallets leverage either multisignature or multiparty computation (MPC) technology. For MPC wallets, BitGo specifically uses a threshold signature scheme (TSS). Every BitGo Wallet Type has the following 3 keys: (1) User Key, (2) Backup Key, (3) BitGo Key.

BitGo's custodial wallets, provided through its regulated trust entities, are designed to optimize security for long-term digital asset holdings.

With custodial wallets, BitGo holds all three keys and keeps them in cold storage, isolated from the internet. To move funds, users must initiate a transaction with the BitGo team and pass a series of security checks.

BitGo’s custodial wallets are: (1) Guarded by bank-grade vaults, redundant security processes, and customizable wallet policies, (2) Regulated as a qualified custodian in South Dakota, New York, Switzerland, and Germany, (3) Protected by the industry’s leading security technology, first pioneered by BitGo, (4) Insured up to $250 million against theft or loss of keys.

BitGo's self-managed cold wallets provide organizations with the ability to take their security into their own hands.

With self-managed cold wallets, BitGo customers control two of the three keys but do so in an offline environment instead of online, cold storage.

BitGo's self-managed wallets allow users to customize policies within their account, such as user permissions or transaction limits, adding extra controls over their funds.

BitGo also offers NFT hot wallets to securely manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BitGo ensures the security of NFTs through regulated, qualified custody solutions, safeguarding them in cold storage. NFTs can be accessed directly through the BitGo user interface, with statistics viewable via MMI or programmatically through API.

BitGo's Collateral Management solution allows clients to safely hold collateral at BitGo Trust, lower counterparty risk, segregate and protect assets, and provide daily reporting.

BitGo’s Trust entities are regularly audited by regulatory authorities and required to meet high standards for capitalization, anti-money laundering, confidentiality, and more.

BitGo's Wealth Management solutions enable managers to securely manage customer assets with enhanced capabilities.

These solutions allow for monitoring portfolios, transferring individual assets or baskets of assets, and staking to earn additional rewards.

Managers can create unique views for better fund analysis and access deep, multi-venue liquidity aggregated from top-tier exchanges and market makers, ensuring comprehensive management and optimization of digital assets.

BitGo Prime provides users with the ability to trade, borrow, lend, and stake.

BitGo Prime acts as the sole counterparty, eliminating the need to store, borrow, or lend assets on an exchange or any other location.

BitGo Prime aggregates liquidity from a variety of sources, following a riskless principal model with zero risk of front-running.

By lending directly to BitGo Prime, users can generate income through superior, risk-adjusted returns.

BitGo handles the delegation, provisions the validator, and maximizes uptime so users earn more rewards.

BitGo also allows users to invest in DeFi with safer technology and better user controls by linking MetaMask and their BitGo wallet.

BitGo's Go Network is a secure and efficient settlement platform designed for real-time asset transfers and transactions. It allows clients to settle USD and digital assets between parties on the network while keeping the assets secured in BitGo Trust qualified custody.

BitGo's Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is a solution that allows businesses to programmatically create and manage wallets for their platform and end users. It is designed to simplify wallet management, allowing companies to focus on improving their core products instead of reinventing wallets from scratch.

With WaaS, businesses can leverage BitGo's wallet infrastructure, create receive addresses for end users, and customize wallet policies to enhance security and control.

BitGo's Web3 Bridge is a platform that enables brands to create, launch, and scale their web3 wallets as a service experience.

It allows for the seamless integration of web3 capabilities, such as customizable web3 experiences, instant connection to the BitGo network, and the creation of battle-tested wallets.

BitGo generates revenue through multiple streams, including transaction fees from the use of hot wallets, and to a lesser extent, from cold storage.

The company also offers regulated custody, financial services, and core infrastructure for investors and builders in the digital asset economy, catering to a wide range of clients, including exchanges, retail platforms, crypto-native firms, and institutional investors.

Additionally, BitGo provides market-leading trading, lending, and borrowing services through its prime brokerage services, further contributing to its overall revenue.

In 2023, BitGo experienced a 60% increase in new clients, 20% growth in assets under custody, and 40x growth in assets staked.

In a CoinDesk interview in December 2023, when asked what CEO Mike Belshe’s number one goal is for 2024, he responded, “Broadening our global regulatory footprint - we currently hold four custodial licenses globally, and we anticipate obtaining more in 2024. Through the Go Network and strategic partnerships, we will allow more of our clients and new participants to settle transactions across multiple regions with a network of exchanges. With regulated custody as the foundation, we aim to foster alignment among regulators and clients toward the common goal of safe access to digital asset markets.”

In March 2023, BitGo announced that industry-leading exchanges Bitstamp,, INX, and Enclave Markets have joined the Go Network — a first-of-its-kind solution designed to enable institutions to safeguard, transact, and settle USD and digital assets across the BitGo ecosystem.

In October 2023, BitGo announced its acquisition of HeightZero, a best-in-class digital asset management platform (TDAMP) focused on providing wealth managers with the tools for digital asset exposure on behalf of their clients. The acquisition of HeightZero establishes BitGo as one of the first digital asset companies to provide a comprehensive solution for wealth managers.

In November 2023, BitGo and Copper, a pioneer in institutional digital asset infrastructure, announced their partnership to expand their existing off-exchange settlement networks. This partnership between BitGo's Go Network and Copper's ClearLoop facilitates the global growth of institutional market participation as well as the de-risking of trading market infrastructure.

In January 2024, BitGo obtained in-principal approval from Singapore’s top financial regulator for a Major Payment Institution license through its local entity. Once granted the full license, BitGo Singapore Pte. Ltd., its subsidiary in Singapore, would be able to offer regulated digital payment token services in the city-state.

In January 2024, BitGo announced it would serve as the official custody provider for the Hashdex Bitcoin ETF. ETF applications require regulated custodians. BitGo’s support underscores a shared commitment by both companies to a more robust and secure market infrastructure. Hashdex Bitcoin Futures ETF (ticker: DEFI) will convert to a spot Bitcoin ETF renamed Hashdex Bitcoin ETF.

In February 2024, Valkyrie, one of the providers of the spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) now trading in the U.S., has added BitGo as a second custodian for its Bitcoin Fund (BRRR). Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo, described the partnership as a "huge win," in a post on X.

In February 2024, BitGo has acquired Brassica, an alternative investing infrastructure company. BitGo will now expand beyond the crypto assets into tokenizing private assets. Brassica is an SEC-registered transfer agent — allowing it to manage private security issuance, create securities offerings, and pay out investor distributions through its platform. "We know that someday, you're going to call your broker and you might want Bitcoin or you might want equities — and you're going to expect a single vendor to be able to provide that for you," says BitGo CEO Mike Belshe. "We have a lot of interest from our institutional clients around how to get to the tokenization of real-world assets."

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John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


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Sept. 2019, Series B1

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San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco, CA
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