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Founded: 2014

Headquarters: New York, NY



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$50 Billion

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About Chainalysis

Chainalysis is the go to blockchain data platform. Chainalysis provides data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, insurers, and cybersecurity companies in over 70 countries. The Company’s data powers investigation, compliance, and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world's most high-profile criminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely. Backed by Accel, Addition, Benchmark, Coatue, GIC, Paradigm, Ribbit, and other leading firms in venture capital, Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains to promote more financial freedom with less risk.

Key Facts

Digital assets and blockchain technology have made monumental strides in becoming mainstream, however, criminal abuse of cryptocurrency creates huge impediments for continued adoption, heightens the likelihood of restrictions being imposed by governments, and worst of all victimizes innocent people around the world.

In order for cryptocurrency to achieve its full potential and for the industry to mature, there is a growing need for foundational infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to drive compliance and transparency between all stakeholders.

Institutions, governments, and corporations are looking for a data platform that will allow them to safely interact with digital assets, as well as help identify illicit activities.

Chainalysis uniquely leverages deep analytics and machine learning to help government agencies track illicit crypto transactions and financial institutions comply with anti-money laundering rules—important pillars towards the inevitable maturation of the cryptocurrency space.

Chainalysis provides many solutions for companies and entities trying to integrate cryptocurrency and/or blockchain technology into their organizations.

Chainalysis provides compliance solutions that help ensure that when integrating digital assets, companies are meeting regulatory requirements, and are protecting the company and the consumers.

Chainalysis provides investigation solutions that provide real-time cryptocurrency intelligence, allowing government agencies and private institutions to map addresses to named services, detect illicit activity, and build real cases.

Chainalysis’ DeFi/NFT solutions provide intelligence and risk management tools allowing companies or institutions to safely leverage DeFi and NFT opportunities.

Chainalysis provides a large suite of key products that allow government agencies and private companies to safely interact and leverage the growing cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Chainalysis’ key products include Reactor, KYT (Know Your Transaction), Storyline, Business Data, Address Screening, and Kryptos.

Reactor identifies and labels addresses linked to important entities like cryptocurrency exchanges and services and visualizes links and transfers between wallets to enable the product’s primarily public sector clients to monitor the flow of money to identify suspicious activities.

KYT is a compliance software designed for crypto businesses. The product can be customized to fit a client’s level of risk appetite and helps identity high-risk transactions and suspicious activities related to sanctioned addresses, darknet markets, and scams—sending alerts for them to act on.

Storyline helps organizations manage DeFi risk and investigate and communicate complex Web3 transactions involving smart contracts, NFTs, chain hopping, and sophisticated protocols. Instead of traditional cluster graphs, where DeFi transactions can be complicated to parse, Storyline uses a novel timeline view that shows the movement of funds between addresses where users can look forwards, backwards and across chains to discover what is happening with one or several transactions.

Business Data helps crypto businesses understand their customers' behavior when engaging with their platform. This includes most active blockchains, acquisition funnels, exchange engagement, and competition engagement—creating individual customer profiles in the process.

Address Screening combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence and customizable risk rules into an automated solution that helps prevent high-risk users from connecting to a customer’s platform. Dapps, DAOs, and NFT Marketplaces leverage Chainalysis Address Screening to automatically evaluate the source of funds, build trust with customers, and demonstrate proactive development of compliance controls.

Kryptos is a due diligence software designed for businesses looking to analyze the cryptocurrency space. Chainalysis Kryptos provides a directory and on-chain metrics of popular cryptocurrency businesses for clients to monitor and track their activities.

Chainalysis Kryptos is the industry's reference directory for cryptocurrency services' on-chain activity. Customers can search over a rapidly growing list of 6,500 services and monitor their activity over time.

Chainalysis offers free sanctions compliance screening tools to companies in the crypto ecosystem, including Web3 groups such as DEXs, DeFi platforms, DAOs, and DApp developers to bolster their compliance programs and adhere to sanctions policies.

Chainalysis offers clients expertise from its Investigations and Special Programs (ISP) team, which works closely with private sector business and public sector agencies including Financial Regulators, Law Enforcement, National Security, and Tax Authorities, to respond to cybersecurity breaches, ransomware attacks, recover stolen cryptocurrency, and perform other analysis involving blockchain data.

The Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service arms organizations with the expertise and investigative capabilities needed to recover lost funds in the event of an incident, such as a cyber-attack or unauthorized network intrusion that involves cryptocurrency theft or demand.

Over the past year as of May 2022, Chainalysis: (1) increased its customer count by 75% and now has more than 1,000 customers in 70 countries; (2) doubled its private sector customer base and tripled its financial services customer base, and now counts more than 100 financial institutions as customers; and (3) increased the number of customers that account for more than $100k in annual recurring revenue by 75% to 150 customers.

In 2021, Chainalysis’ business grew across regions, with Asia Pacific, in particular, experiencing a breakout year in 2021 and more than doubling revenue and customer count. As the company scales, it has maintained a customer satisfaction NPS score of over 80%.

In June 2022, Chainalysis launched its Crypto Incident Response hotline, which provides support for organizations that have been targeted by a crypto-related cyber-attack or ransomware demand. The hotline functions 24/7, and victims are paired with a team of investigators from Chainalysis who trace and label the funds in Chainalysis’ program. If funds have already been transferred or stolen, the Chainalysis team will help liaise with law enforcement and asset recovery counsel.

In July 2022, Chainalysis introduced “Chainalysis Government Solutions”, a Chainalysis subsidiary with the capabilities to serve U.S. defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies. Chainalysis Government Solutions focuses on helping government agencies investigate cases related to cryptocurrency, disrupt criminal operations, reduce illicit activity, recover funds for victims, and leverage the Company’s wide range of skills and expertise against these agencies’ most difficult problem sets.

In November 2021, the IRS Criminal Investigations (a customer of Chainalysis) announced that it had seized over $3.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021 — all from non-tax investigations — representing 93% of all funds seized by the division during that time period.

Other Chainalysis customer successes include the $2.3 million seized from the ransomware group behind the Colonial Pipeline attack and OFAC's sanctioning of two Russia-based cryptocurrency services heavily involved in money laundering.

Chainalysis has identified 100 pro-Russian organizations that have received around $5.4 million in crypto donations to crowdfund Russian military purchases, spread disinformation, and create pro-invasion propaganda and is working with partners in the public and private sectors to track and give insights into pro-Russian activities.

Chainalysis has received award recognition for: The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2023, Forbes Blockchain 50 2023, Forbes Fintech 50, Forbes Cloud 100, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, CB Insights Fintech 250, CB Insights Blockchain 50, and W3B Award: Data & Security Services.

In April 2023, Chainalysis ranked #1 in the data sector on Fortune's Crypto 40 list. The inaugural edition of the Fortune Crypto 40, a first-of-its-kind list that draws upon extensive research to recognize the best companies and organizations in the industry.

In June 2023, Chainalysis announced that they integrated Coinbase Commerce so that their customers can conveniently settle their invoices using a wide range of digital assets. By offering this new payment option, Chainalysis is supporting the evolving needs of its customers, particularly in the rapidly growing DeFi sector. This new integration allows Chainalysis to streamline the payment process for many of its customers, eliminating traditional barriers and reducing friction associated with fiat transactions. With Coinbase Commerce, Chainalysis customers from all over the world can pay using a growing number of cryptocurrencies.

In July 2023, Deloitte and Chainalysis announced a new strategic alliance to help the organizations’ mutual clients address digital asset ecosystem compliance challenges. Through the alliance, Chainalysis’ and Deloitte’s shared clients will be able to leverage Chainalysis’ proprietary blockchain dataset and industry-leading analytics software and training program with Deloitte’s services to help clients manage forensic, investigative and compliance programs.

In March 2024, The Information reported, the Company it roughly doubled its revenue in 2022. Still, its pace of growth slowed last year, with Chainalysis finishing 2023 at about $190 million in ARR, up roughly 30% to 40% from the prior year. It expects its ARR to reach $250 million in 2024. The company isn’t profitable but doesn’t need cash. It burned about $40 million in cash in the second half of last year but it still had about $200 million on its balance sheet.

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John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


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Sept. 2019, Series B1

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San Francisco, CA
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