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Productivity Software

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington



Last Round Valuation

$50 Billion

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About Qumulo

Qumulo delivers the world’s first unified Scale Anywhere platform for the hybrid enterprise and is a six-time leader in Gartner’s Distributed File and Object Storage Magic Quadrant. Qumulo is a 100% software solution that scales to exabytes anywhere unstructured data is created, consumed, stored, or managed, so businesses can operate a common platform reducing CapEx and OpEx while moving ever faster.

Key Facts

Businesses today generate and utilize data at unprecedented scales, with operations and teams spread more broadly across different locations than ever before. As data volumes increase and become more distributed, the creation of data silos leads to escalating costs, increased management complexity, diminished security, and lowered agility in business operations. Legacy storage solutions no longer suffice in this evolving landscape. What's needed is a cohesive platform for unstructured data, capable of operating and scaling wherever data is produced, stored, and utilized.

Qumulo simplifies the complexity of juggling various platforms for a company's on-premises, cloud, high-performance, and archival workflows. As the world’s first and only Scale Anywhere platform, it provides a unified architecture designed to meet all their data storage demands, from exabyte-scale to geographically distributed, multi-site, and multi-cloud environments. nnQumulo’s Scale Anywhere platform is a 100% software solution for hybrid enterprises to efficiently store and manage file and object data at the edge, in the core, and in the cloud.

Qumulo for Cloud offers a scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective cloud file storage solution, designed for exabyte-scale enterprise workloads. It supports seamless scalability from terabytes to exabytes within a single namespace, ensuring operational efficiency without increasing costs.

Azure Native Qumulo Hot and Cold are tailored for cloud environments, providing scalable solutions for active and infrequently accessed data, ensuring cost-effectiveness and exabyte-scale capabilities.

Azure Native Qumulo Hot (ANQ Hot) is the only cloud-native file service providing genuinely scalable capacity and performance, alongside all the enterprise-grade functionalities of on-premises network attached storage (NAS), with a total cost of ownership (TCO) that aligns accordingly.

In partnership with Microsoft, ANQ represents a native file service on Azure, marking the first instance of cloud file storage that makes no compromises.

Azure Native Hot costs 80% less than other native file service solutions and has a TCO that rivals on-prem storage with all the advantages of the public cloud.

Azure Native Qumulo Cold (ANQ Cold) is a long-term cloud file storage service for infrequently accessed data, providing the most cost-effective pricing with no filesystem transaction fees.

ANQ Cold meets an essential industry requirement by delivering the first genuinely cloud-native, fully managed SaaS solution designed for the storage and retrieval of cold file data.

Qumulo for Data Centers prioritizes flexibility in its deployment, avoiding the restriction of proprietary hardware.

Qumulo customers can choose from a range of data centers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Arrow, SuperMicro, and Fujitsu to meet their specific requirements.

Qumulo for Edge is tailored for edge computing scenarios. Qumulo's edge solutions allow enterprises to extend their unstructured data management and storage capabilities to the network edge, while maintaining a unified view and control plane across their entire data portfolio, from edge to core to cloud.

Qumulo Nexus simplifies the management of hybrid and multi-cloud file storage, eliminating the chaos of juggling data across various platforms and locations. It provides a unified management experience, allowing visibility and control over all Qumulo instances from a single console. This solution tackles the complexities of tech sprawl, security risks, and continuity loss, ensuring a streamlined approach to managing data estates from edge to core to cloud.

Qumulo Global Namespace provides customers with access to files stored across different locations, including on-premises data centers, edge locations, and the cloud. The Global Namespace intelligently caches data where performance is needed by local users, allowing customers to choose their file infrastructure based on location-specific business requirements.

Global Namespace allows users and applications to access geographically dispersed data as though it were local and provides a unified data plane across all Qumulo environments.

Qumulo sells its software and services using a subscription-based model, where customers pay based on the capacity and performance they need. This approach allows for flexible scaling and management of data with transparent pricing, which adjusts as the needs of the business change.

ANQ Hot storage employs a dynamic pricing model that alters rates according to the volume of storage (measured in TB) and the bandwidth used (measured in GBps). This model functions similarly to a stepped pricing structure, with specific tiers for varying levels of usage.

Azure Native Qumulo Cold is the most cost-effective solution for long-term cold file storage in the cloud, boasting the ability to scale to exabytes, without any file system transaction charges, and rates starting as low as $9.95 per TB per month.

According to Ryan Farris, Qumulo’s VP for product, in June 2023, “We want to be cash flow positive by Q4 FY2024.”

According to Block & Files in June 2023, Qumulo has plenty of financial runway and doesn’t need to raise any more cash as its sales are increasing.

In November 2023, Qumulo was a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for distributed file systems and object storage. This is the 6th year in a row that the Company was awarded the title of leader.

In January 2024, Qumulo announced the availability of Superna® Data Security Edition for Qumulo. The Data Security Edition, which includes Superna’s industry-leading Ransomware Defender solution, automates real-time detection of malicious behaviors, false-positives, and other events consistent with ransomware access patterns for both SMB and NFS files.

In March 2024, Qumulo announced the launch of Azure Native Qumulo Cold (ANQ Cold), the world’s only cloud-native file offering for storing massive cold data. This is a radical shift in providing customers with a cost-effective, simple way to manage cold data. ANQ Cold addresses a critical need in the industry by providing the first truly cloud-native, fully managed SaaS solution for storing and retrieving cold file data.

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Productivity Software



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Key Officers

Name Work History Title Status
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current
John Smith Aenean, quam eu, diam dignissim Chief Executive Officer Current


Valuation Over Time


Last Round

Sept. 2019, Series B1

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Implied Valuation


Funding Rounds

Date Round Amount Valuation Investors
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here
MM/DD/YYYY Growth Equity $1M $2.8B Name goes here

Competitive Landscape

Company Valued Revenue
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B
San Francisco, CA
$2.8B $1.3B

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